Wednesday, September 2, 2020


Okay, I'm sick of this. Enough isolation already! I want things to go back to the way they were. 

  • I want to have Ron able to go grocery shopping with me, so he can unload the cart at the checkout while I handle the credit cards. 
  • I want the checkout person to bag my groceries for me in my reusable bags instead of making me do it myself while the customers behind me wait impatiently. What am I, an octopus? 
  • I want to go back to church and sing in the choir with all my friends. A day after I got a letter saying that choir would resume in September (with restrictions) I got an email saying the decision had been reversed and there would be no choir until further notice.
  • I want to go shopping when I want, not at 7 am or some other ungodly hour dedicated to seniors. 
  • I want to go out tomorrow for lunch at our favourite English-style pub to celebrate our anniversary. Instead, we are having pizza sent in. Not that I object to pizza, but it's not much of a celebration.
  • I want to use the gift cards I have accumulated, but nobody is taking them right now. All transactions must not involve the staff touching anything you have handled, so no cash or gift cards.
  • I want to throw all my masks away. Don't worry, I'm too sensible to actually do that. But I wish.
  • I want a spanking. That's the one thing that covid-19 hasn't changed.

Maybe life isn't so bad after all.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

For the first two months, it was hard, the spankings did not stop, increased. I recall going to the store after a spanking, just my walking told I was spanked. Since we had no one coming over, after a spanking I had to undress if not, stand naked in the middle of the room as part of the punishment.

kdpierre said...

You're not alone, but don't lose your head now.

Baxter said...

On this side of the border, I wish people would get over how selfish they are and wear the f*****g masks so that maybe, just maybe, we might have a chance to slow down the spread. But we are occasionally escaping to the north woods with our camper where cell phones don't work and we can hear just loons. On the spanking side of my life, my wife has been spanking me more and that is a good thing. She is really getting the hang of the paddle (read cutting board) in the kitchen and I can feel it for a few hours.


I want to be able to travel again without checking the colour of my proposed destination on an internet map first. I miss spontaneity.


Bernie said...

I'm totally with you. The best part is that we have our life partners. We can figure out the rest from that. Maybe I should go provoke a spanking. Actually, that's what I'm going to do.

WendelJones said...

I miss seeing people's smiles. Everything is hidden behind the mask.
I miss helping someone in need at the store to reach something high on the shelf or lift something too heavy for them.
I miss being in a crowded restaurant, musical theater and movie theater.
I'm sick of seeing everything shown as a Zoom meeting.
And finally,
I miss when the Misses has girls night out. They do not do it since there is no place for them to go. Why do I miss it? 1st, I got the house to myself for an evening or longer. 2nd, I always got a hell of a spanking before she goes so that I remember to behave while she is gone.
Take care Hermione.


Roz said...

I hear you Hermione, especially supermarket shopping. Argh! After a period of no restrictions we are now distancing again, no packing or bags at the supermarket and masks are now mandatory kn public transport. Hopefully it won't be for much longer.


Anonymous said...

I was informed when this started, not able to go to work, I would be staying at home, outside was okay, but my wife knew me, was not going to put up with anything. Three weeks of this I was getting a attitude and my wife understood. It was when I left the house, went to the store, that I had crossed the line. She was waiting, said nothing, knew I was in trouble. To the Bedroom, NOW, and I knew what that meant. I undressed, stood naked, hands on head, when she did finally arrive, grabbed my ear and to my shock led me to the kitchen, called her mother, explained what I had done, and wanted her to hear the spanking. I was loud, pleading, calling her Mommy, promising to be good. She stopped, talked to her Mother. Off of her lap, I danced around, she then said if I wanted to act like a naughty little boy, so be it. For the next week, I wore pajamas all day, I was given a bath, I did chores in the home, and sex was not even a thought with her. She did notice I would get an erection, did nothing about it. It was when I said something like she wanted to have it, I had to masturbate for her, and then got the spanking of my life.

PK said...

I agree with all you've said! While I freely admit that my life and what I do has been changed and inconvenienced as little as anyone on the planet, I still hate and resent the virus. I'll do what I'm supposed to - but I want my regular life back too. Happy Anniversary! May next year bring you a party!

ronnie said...

Happy belated Anniversary.

We son't have restrictions as tight as you. WE DON'T HAVE TO queue for supermarkets (we have to pack shopping ourselves. Masks have to be worn and our restaurants are open. Some areas have rising number of cases and are being locked down locally. People should be social distancing, but a lot aren't. I do stay away from those people as much as I can.

I will be glad when this year is over.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to lose my head, have found spankings are what I needed, hurt like hell, but as my wife states, just what you need to improve your attitude and behavior. I feel very little standing naked in the front room, any comment, will be back over her lap and it will be harder since the bottom is sore from the previous spanking.

Red said...

Sadly, I think we are just in the beginning of the pandemic, and it will be more than another year to start getting any better. As long as you and Ron have your health, and are safe, then I suggest that you be spanked more often whenever you are in the fed-up mood. While over Ron's knees, you will have to re-count everything wonderful in your life, and that will make for a good long spanking. we both are lucky to have spankings as a way to ease the frustration.
Stay safe.
bottoms up