Monday, September 21, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 20

Does size of the bottom's bottom make a difference?

Fred: I love bottoms, all shapes, sizes, and colours, if the owner wants a spanking I am happy to oblige. I have no idea if the size is proportional to pain. I suppose a larger bottom has more area to have a spanking inflicted upon it, but conversely, a smaller bottom receiving the same spanking has less area so the spanking is more concentrated? Maybe that makes it hurt more.

QBuzz: Perhaps a smaller bottom may feel it more, but a larger bottom can always be spanked longer and harder... they both need to be turned red after all :D

Bonnie: I have no basis for comparison, so I guess I don't know.

Anon 1: As a spanker, I have no way to know, but I generally spank just "a few extra pounds" type ladies, who would be considered to have plump behinds. Once beet red, they do look the same.

Doug: I've lost a lot of weight over the past 15 months on a low carb diet, and the spankings I get from my wife on my current, somewhat smaller bottom hurt more than they did before, but this could be a consequence of her spanking me harder now. Whatever the case, my bottom is "white hot" (beyond red) when she finishes spanking me with a wooden paddle. Fine with me. 

Ronnie: No idea on this. Sorry can't answer.

Roz: Good question! I don't know, but I can say a small bottom means the spanker can get full coverage with every stroke if they wish. No spreading the pain.

Anon 2: I prefer tiny bottoms, snaky hips and thin thighs. A great big male hand on a tiny bottom can cause serious damage. So, the number of spanks must be limited (200 is quite enough).

Simon: I've been getting spanked and caned etc for 40 years and when I started I weighed 9 stone and had a (if I say it myself) a small thin bottom. These days I weigh over 12 stone and my backside could reasonably be described as large. I don't think the size has made that much difference to the sensation although obviously it takes a lady longer to make the whole thing scarlet. When it's me doing the spanking I appreciate ladies' bottoms in a range of sizes although I do think very skinny bottoms are my least favourite.

 Hermione: I have no first-hand knowledge, but I would guess that a small, thin bottom would find spanking more painful. Without generous padding, it is easier to strike bone instead of muscle. My Ron's bottom is quite unspankable for that reason. 

Once again, the range of responses is admirable. Stay safe!
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

Late weighing in here, but after 40 years of submission it’s apparent that a little extra padding on my bottom diminishes the sharp sting of a paddle. No ifs, ands or butts about it.