Monday, September 7, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 6

Tell us about a very special implement.

Baxter: In getting prepared for my total knee replacement back in early 2018, we had to get a variety of things to help assist the recovery. One item was a long handled shoe horn, which was to be used by me to get shoes on my leg which had the TKR due to now being able to bend it. However, I never used the shoe horn as I could get my shoes on without it. My wife did use it a bit, until she discovered another use for it and that is spanking me. It certainly stings when it hits my bare bottom, especially so when a spanking is ensuing. My wife liked the effect and went and bought two more so now we have one in the camper, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. One of them is always handy when my wife needs to use it. 

Roz: Many of our implements have significance for various reasons. I always had a thing for the wooden spoon for some reason and it was the first implement we used. The leather paddle was the first implement we purchased.

Minelle: I have fantasies about certain implements but my Scotsman likes to use several for short amounts of time. I think however we like a heart-shaped spoon I received as a gift from Ronnie. 

Jack: I asked my wife, she said the recent purchase of the bath brush gets my attention quickly, good long handle. She then said the large hairbrush her mother gave her she is fond of.

Rosco: Once upon a time, there was no such thing an the internet. If you wanted a riding crop so your dominant partner could whip your naughty bottom, you had to go the store a buy one. You had to pretend you were some sort of equestrian, not so easy.

I summoned the courage and entered Ron Richards Western Wear, first casually perusing the men’s shirts before drifting over to the bucket of riding crops. I picked up a longer, luxurious leather one to examine, trying not to fondle it too obviously.

A buxom young saleswoman appeared. She pulled a shorter one out of the bucket and suggested I consider it. “It hurts plenty”, she said, threatening to smack me with it. Then she laughed, as though she were just kidding and the moment was gone. But not forgotten. Will never be forgotten.

I bought both crops.

Since then, I’ve purchased implements online or at friendly sex shops and occasionally cut a switch. But buying that riding crop in the early 80’s is something I’ll never forget.

PS - Hermione, you ask good questions.

I can't take credit for this one, Rosco. It was one of Barrel's questions. He comes up with some excellent ones!

Neva: I both love and hate our bath brush.  It really, really hurts, but sometimes that's what I crave, it was the first and only implement ever to leave bruises, which I had been wanting to experience for a long time, I was so pleased with my bruises and I hope to experience this again.

I also like the riding crop, it was the first real spanking item I bought, before that, there were only the pervertables. 

Anon: My wife's mother was a school teacher here in Canada and we now have her vintage 1960's school strap. This barely-flexible piece of rubber belting on the hands or posterior tends to get one's attention. 

Ronnie: It's the rose leather paddle for me as it was the first real implement P bought. We've had it for years and it's my all time favourite.

Graham: Rosco, I had an almost identical experience as you back in the '80's. To this day, I wish I'd said "yes, can we test it in your back room?" But the moment passed.

As to my favorite instrument, it has changed over time. Once I first experienced the cane, however, it easily became my favorite. Depending on the choice of cane, the wielder, and the extent of warm up, it can range from delightfully stimulating to an serious session that leaves welts for a few days.

I just find it very romantic.

Hermione: I have to say that the implement that has special significance for me is the leather flogger  that Ron bought me for Valentine's day last year. Not that I particularly like it when it's used, but it's the only implement that Ron has ever purchased, and I treasure that.

Thank you all for sharing those special memories. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart

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