Monday, September 14, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 13

We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of long spankings. Here's what you said:

Bonnie: My answer is an unqualified yes. Just as it's quite possible to make love for an hour, couples can certainly engage in spanking activities for an extended interval as well. This is not to say that we have continuous swatting (or non-stop intercourse) for the whole time. There are many other ancillary aspects of a spanking session or a lovemaking session (or both together!) that enhance the experience for both participants.

For the marathon spanking, we might add massages, costumes, oils, kissing, unveiling, lotions, corner time, photos, quizzes and games, role play, changing implements, changing positions, changing rooms, aftercare, toys, and improvisational fun.

Another variation is where I position myself across Randy's lap on the couch while we watch a movie or sporting event. When he feels like spanking, he lifts my nightgown and spanks. If he feels like rubbing, he rubs. I love it all.

I think the the biggest challenge is available time. Our schedules have not always been compatible, especially when we had a kid in the house. But the pandemic has created more together time and so we have lots of opportunities now. 

Roz: I think it depends on the situation. If the situation is as Bonnie mentions above, and the spanking is for enjoyment then yes. We have had extended sessions in the past with other activities intermingled with the spanking.

If, however, we are talking purely spanking, or it is for discipline then I think there is a limit at which point the purpose may be lost.

Joe: We have had some very extended spanking sessions were as stated before other activities were included. Sometimes T likes to spank me hard for a while and then gently touch me and rub me, then resume spanking changing implements and intensity. The various sensations are incredible. Just one example long playful sessions are great. 

Wendel: We do not spank non stop for very long. The longest might have been 10 minutes.
Similar to Bonnie, when we have movie night on commercial TV we take turns laying across each others lap naked from the waist down during the entire movie. A spanking is given during the commercials we dislike. I will spank the Misses during insurance and cell phone commercials. The Misses spanks me during drug and fast food commercials. As soon as the commercial is over the spanking stops. There is great anticipation and excitement when the breaks start knowing that any second you could get a spanking. Possibly multiple spankings during one break. 

Yorkie: We don’t go for long at all as my wife gets bored easily. Personally, I’d love a marathon spanking but I’m afraid my limits outweigh hers. It’s one reason I’m getting some heavier toys so she can pack more of a wallop with as little effort as possible. 

Fondles: I wonder if a too-long spanking ends up numbing the bum more than anything else.
We often only have spankings that last a few minutes. anything longer would mean there were lots of breaks in between for other fun stuff. *wink*.

Ronnie: Answer is yes as Bonnie mentions. We have done extended sessions on occasion, fun spankings not discipline.

Lena: As others have mentioned, we do have spanking sessions that can take several hours, but it's more like several individual spankings with different implements and in different positions with breaks for other things in between. There is almost always some corner time and my partner loves to make me do lines sitting on a hard chair with my already sore bottom.

I think the longest continuous spanking I received was about 15 minutes, though it felt a lot longer. My partner used a wooden spoon and we both were pretty exhausted after that experience. I probably could take a longer hand spanking but I doubt my partner would have the endurance to do it. Also it would probably get pretty boring after a while, I do need a certain level of pain for a spanking to do anything for me. 

Jack: Depends on what I have done, how long since the last spanking, and if someone is present.

Minelle: We haven’t ever done a super long spanking session but the ideas above would be good when we have more privacy! 

Barrel: I have been the beneficiary of several spankings that approach 45 minutes. But they have all included a bit of a respite for me, secured to the bench at the bottom of our bed, while my wife leaves me alone and enjoys a glass of wine. These breaks are always align at the end of an intense and extended thrashing, and then a restart with a new implement.

The most recent event was my 65th birthday. I asked for, and received six and a half minutes of spanking starting with her hand, then the hairbrush and finally the rubber paddle. After a break for lunch, I was secured to the bench, and received 65 lashes with the strap, 65 with the tawse, concluding with 65 strokes split between the heavy and thin delrin canes, which took about 30 minutes.

While my wife benefits from the release in frustrations from my behavior and moodiness, I benefit by releasing tension and satisfying my yearning for a stern session. 

Graham: Like most of you, we've had many sessions that last over an hour. These are definitely fun, fantasy and romantic spankings -- not disciplinary. Like many have said, these are interspersed with other activities including lots of cunnilingus to both our delights!

Hermione: In the stories I read, long spankings were strictly that: whacking away for 30 minutes or more. As much as I enjoy being spanked, I would find that rather boring. In addition, my bottom becomes numb after 10 minutes or so, so a long punishment spanking wouldn't have much effect if I wasn't feeling it. But the variety that many of you describe sounds delightful!

Willie: At the risk of sounding unbelievable, due to comments above we have often had spankings that have lasted an hour. B has taken a few minutes break or, as he puts it, ' resensitize the area' (hate that word lol). There is no rubbing or fun during that time. These are reset sessions not punishments. I tend to have a very hard head at times so this explains the length. They start off less intense than a punishment but are by no means playful ( unfortunately my mind doesn't work with playful and spanking- I wish it did!)

I wasn't going to comment because I have mentioned this before,years ago in a chatroom and was told I exaggerate, but then I thought what if there was someone else out there who reads here and felt they were a fish out of water because they too experience lengthy and yes intense spanking sessions? There are ways to not get numb-bum. The point doesn't have to get lost, and on rare occasions sub space can happen- at least that has been our experience. Unfortunately/ fortunately due to Covid and lack of alone time it has been a long while since I've experienced a lengthy session. I certainly don't miss the pain of it but I do miss the after feelings.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Stay safe!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

My bottom will get a numbness but once it wears off, my bottom is truly warm, feels like bees have stung it, and worse of all my wife will not allow me to rub it at all, just face the wall, no talking, no rubbing, or get another spanking. Jack

Anonymous said...

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