Sunday, October 4, 2020

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #351

Welcome, dear friends, to our weekly brunch. It's been another roller coaster week, so let's sit down, enjoy some virtual ice cream, and discuss our favourite activity.

Do you have certain hard limits? What do you absolutely draw the line at, in terms of position, implement, clothing, or anything else. What would happen if your partner wanted to exceed one of your limits?

Please leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has spoken I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

We probably have a few hard limits, but the main one that comes to mind is anything anal and fortunately we are on the same page.


Fred said...

I think limits are there to be pushed. You will never know if you like something, can take something unless you give it a go. Remember, that's what safe words are for. I did not think I would ever be caned until I tried it.

Bernie said...

The major limit for us is my spanker's boundaries on how long, how hard, etc.

Bonnie said...

Yes, we agree on our limits - No knives, no blood, no scat, no fire, no tattoos or branding, no smacking anywhere other than my bottom (or maybe occasionally upper thighs), no humiliation or degradation, no constricting bondage, no breath play, no spanking when angry or intoxicated, no inversion, no posting media, and no other players. Other than that, it's all spanko goodness.


I like to think that I am open minded to compromise to accommodate the desires of the person on the giving end but I do draw the line at anything to do with my nipples or belly button. Not sure why but the idea of playing on or around these places just makes me feel nauseous.


Anonymous said...

Limits. my wife knows when the spanking has been effective. No safe words, no begging or pleading from me will stop the spanking. My wife from the first spanking she gave me stated that act like a naughty little boy get spanked as a naughty little boy. Jack

Anonymous said...

It’s all just a fun and intense wonderful sex game for Irene and me, so neither of us wants to do anything over the line.

She drew a little blood once with a switch and stopped immediately. I was disappointed at the time cuz I was really in a space of enjoying it.

For a long time Irene really enjoyed violating my bottom with various toys. Especially exciting was the stainless steel dildo after being in a glass of ice water. But at some point my rectum started to hurt and I asked her to back off those activities. She’s moved on effortlessly.

It’s been 40+ years - never a need for a safe word.


Barrel said...

I can’t think of any limits I have as the receiver. My wife has several, including sharing or including others in what we do and turning my redness to that light whitish gray color, but that hasn’t stopped me from encouraging her.

A good question this week. Thanks and Cheers!

Joe said...

No blood and no serious brusing and no one else is involved are the three rules my wife have set in stone. Most everything else she is willing to give a try if I want.

willie said...

In our relationship, I think of limits not as things we both don't like. So for example I wouldn't say knife play, breath play, being defecated on etc.. because B is not interested in those as well.

When we first started ttwd, I informed B that I didn't think I could emotionally handle being slapped across the face, and asked if he'd please not ever do that.

Other than that ( based on my personal view of limits) no other hard limits come to mind

Anonymous said...

My limit is anything public. I won't be nude in public, I won't be collared in public, and I won't be publicly scolded if I have dome something to deserve punishment. My submission is done entirely in private (and online anonymously.)

I have said no to anal sex, but it is something I could see myself coming around to at some point. I'm awfully scared to try it though.