Monday, October 26, 2020

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 25

Wet spankings -- love them or hate them? Let's hear what you have to say.

 Joe: One evening last winter we were driving thru a snow fall and chatting away, I don't remember what about now but a made a couple of off color jokes which upset T. We happened to be near the shore so she said since I had mentioned being spanked on the beach now was a good time since no one would be around. I knew she was not joking so I parked and we walked a short way to a secluded spot and I was told to hand her my belt drop my pants and grab my ankles. She started with her hand the first few where normal but as the cold and wetness gathered the stinging really increased. After a while she said her hand was starting to hurt and I heard the belt snap GULP. The spanks came fast and hard and hurt like hell, I could not help but cry out some but managed to take it all. When finished she told me to stand and my hands on my head which I did right away. Standing in the cold snow pants down and bottom I am sure very red and really sore I received one of the best hand jobs ever.

Jack: The worse was staying at my mother-in-law, I messed up, knew it, but was not spanked by my wife. It was the next morning, in the shower, she walked in, told me out of the shower, and doing as told, she said a good wet bottom spanking is what you need and to the bedroom we went. My mother-in-law was sitting, holding the bath brush, you show disrespect to my mother my wife said, she will give you the spanking. Nothing worse than being spanked by your mother-in-law unless it is a wet bottom spanking. 

Bonnie: I don't understand the physics behind it, but yes, wet spankings do seem to sting more. Part of it may have to do with the implements selected for such events. A solid wooden bath brush can deliver a particularly painful punishment.

This is not part of our regular repertoire, but wet spankings do happen at our house. 

Roz: I don't recall a wet bottom spanking, deliberate or otherwise.

Barrel: Our spankings and sessions are usually after we shower. Since we live in the SW desert where it is really dry, by the time the spanking begins, I’m always dry. So, nope. But maybe after a dip in the pool? Gotta think about that one.

 A.J.: I got out of the shower one morning, a quick dry-off with a towel. Then I wrapped the towel around me so I could dry hair and then shave. That's when she walked in on me and announced "Your turn!"

I had been spanking her for the past month or two and now she decided it was long past time that I got one! Had to do it. And I always knew this day was eventually going to come.

She took me into the bedroom, ripped the towel off me, and otk I went for my FIRST EVER spanking, so yeah - memorable.

So maybe not really "wet", but damp? Does that count?

I can't tell if it hurts more, but I have always heard others say it does. Could be, but I'd like to know the physics/physiology of why that is. Must be some physics of moisture between skin and palm. Anyone...?

 Ronnie: Not regular but, yes I have had wet spankings a couple of times and they were given with a wooden paddle. It is more painful. Well to me they were.

Prefectdt: Not really and I cannot think why not, I suppose that the opportunity has just never arisen. I do own a chamois leather flogger that I made, that can only be used when it is soaked in water but it sprays so much water everywhere that it has proven to be useless indoors. Perhaps one day I will get the chance to try a wet outdoor flogging with it, that's something to hope for.

Wendel: I poured ice water on the Misses' bare bottom once prior to spanking. She cried out louder than usual each time the paddle hit her bottom. She returned the favor a few days later. Felt like the skin on my bottom was coming off. Probably not something we would try again. 

Rosco: Well, yes. Mostly I played an “innocent” but really very purposeful role in setting them up. Not real spankings, but short playful ones.

I was a whitewater river guide. I’d have 6 or so paddlers in my raft. In between the rapids, we’d often be in the hot sun. People would jump off the raft into a still part of the river, but climbing back into the raft was a bit difficult - partly because they’d be wearing a life jacket.

Since I was the guide, I took the lead in pulling them into the raft. I’d lift them out of the water and onto the tube. There was discretion in how far to lift them, and whether to turn them so they’d be sitting or just leave them on their bellies with their bottoms in the air.

Very often, if there was an attractive woman and it seemed appropriate, I would lift her just far enough that her wet bottom would be straight up when I let go, and it was a bit of an awkward position so it would take a few moments to move. During these moments, her friends, male and female, would often take the opportunity to slap her bottom a few times.

I don’t know if they realized I was intentionally leaving the attractive women in those undignified positions. I never confessed. But if anyone was paying attention it may have been obvious.

Hermione: There's a spray bottle on Ron's dresser that he sometimes uses to signal that a spanking is over. Once, he used it on my bottom but before I could stand up, he paddled me some more. That hurt a lot!

That's all for this week. Stay safe!

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