Saturday, October 3, 2020

You Completed the Caption

Anon 1: No dear you will not stand in the corner, sitting will remind you that naughty wives will be spanked.

QBuzz: 'Oh must you use the martinet in this position? It always tickles me in the NAUGHTIEST of places!' 

Anon 2: And now the generations to come will know that grandma got a spanking as needed ... and well that grandma was hot too. 

Anon 3: I hope you are enjoying your little sit-down there my dear. When I'm done strapping your cute little hiney you won't be able to sit comfortably for quit a while. Now go get yourself face down on the bed. 

Anon 4: You want me to sit like this, ass backwards? You rogue! What, without any bloomers? You want me to expose my bared bum off the edge of the chair, Sir? Like this...? Do you intend to use that doubled belt in your hand on me, dearest? But you know that a leathering will excite me terribly, Marcus, are you prepared for... Oh, I see that you are! Then by all means, please, my love, be hard on me... then, be hard in me... 

Anon 5: Come now, my dear. It's time to add some color to your uncommonly fair complexion. Don't worry, I'll do it where no one will know - unless a warm behind makes you blush.

Simon: Many people don't realise that in the Victorian era many people had to be taught how to use a chair. This is Emma's first attempt. 

Ronnie: I hope Gerald likes his surprise when he gets home.

Baxter: I got the chair as you requested and now I am sitting upon it. Oh, I am not supposed to be sitting upon it? YOU are going to sit on it and then I am going to lay over your lap, bare bottom up? Why ever for? You are going to spank me? Well, it is about time you took me over your knee for a spanking. I have been misbehaving for a long time, just trying to get you to do your job as my husband. Spank me like you mean it. 

Wendel: Wow! Look at the craftmanship of the seat.

Hermione: No, darling. I sit on the chair and you lie over my lap. Now get up so we can begin.

From Hermione's Heart

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