Thursday, February 11, 2021

Light at the end of the tunnel

 My good blogging friend morningstar wrote about having the February blues. I'm sorry she's having a hard time, but I just don't feel that way myself. I got up early to go grocery shopping yesterday, and when I went outside it was already light at 7:00 AM. Even thought it was very cold and I had to scrape the frost off the windshield before I could depart, some how it felt like Spring was near. I went to a different grocery store, and that lifted my spirits even more. Just the fun of exploring a new store was a treat.

Our lockdown will be lifted at the end of this week but Ron doesn't feel safe going to his barber for a haircut. The last time he went, he said the barber wasn't taking enough precautions. So I cut his hair again, with my trusty sewing scissors. I was much more confident this time, and the hair flew! Ron thanked me when I was done, but said he wasn't expecting a buzz cut. I guess I was a bit to energetic, but it will grow back.

Then there is the activity in our garden. We always have a lot of grey squirrels around, but rabbits have been enjoying the scenery too. There is a shovelled path from the patio to the composters, and I have seen piles of bunny poop on the path. What could the rabbits find to eat here? After a recent snowfall I traced bunny hops from the neighbour's yard to ours, around the patio and off to the neighbour on the other side. 

But I also saw tracks that were distinct footsteps in the snow, not hops. I thought of a raccoon, but their tails leave a drag mark in the snow. This was a fox. We have foxes in the area, and the lack of humans being out and about must have emboldened one. The next morning I saw more tracks, plus the signs of a scuffle in the vegetable bed. Upon close inspection I found a large pile of poop and three clumps of brown hair. The fox had caught a rabbit and had left his calling card before taking breakfast home to his den.

Our pond has a heater in it to keep the water from freezing so the goldfish can stay out all winter. It has been a daily gathering place for flocks of birds, and it's a joy to see them gather round, hop onto the ice, then take a quick bath in the open water. 

We also keep an eye on our neighbours' comings and goings. Ron loves to tell me when M has had another parcel delivery, or L is going out again I wonder where, or J still has his Christmas lights on. There's never a dull moment, even with the lockdown.

From Hermione's Heart


kdpierre said...

I like this post but must admit to being somewhere in the middle on this. As you know, I am rarely idle, BUT winter does get to me after a while. I have to fight against it and I don't always win. Yesterday I ventured into my backyard with feet sinking into to the deep snow so I could clear the snow off the pond. (I don't use a heater because it's not necessary, but I do point one of the pumps towards the surface to keep it from freezing. The good news on goldfish versus koi is that they require less oxygen and they are pretty dormant right now. You are a bit further north than me I'm sure. LOL)

I also have a few projects that are on hold because of the cold. I can't even warm my garage with a heater! It does nothing. And that is where my work stuff is. your point, yesterday I did a simple, silly thing that made me see that light you mention: I ordered my 2021 fishing license online! WOO HOO! Hope springs eternal.

PK said...

I don't feel like I'm experiences the winter blues either. I did watch a couple of deer and two hawks in my yard yesterday. Here we can expect some very spring like feelings in March, although you definitely can't trust it. We've had our biggest snows in March. But more light and better things are coming and I'll be ready!

morningstar said...

I have faint hope that things are going to improve around here... we've noticed the light later in the day - like 4:45/5:00 that always improves my spirits... I counted and there's 10 weeks till we can go the country for the weekends... AND I discovered that the plain old Tylenol is helping ease the pain/numbness in my back and sleep has improved - YAY!!

We don't have a back garden per say - and definitely no animal tracks - WAIT! not true - we have squirrels .... of course we have squirrels!! They follow me EVERYWHERE!! (grinning)

As for shopping - I'd love to go out early and maybe try going to some of the other grocers around here -- BUT home schooling ya know?! and our numbers are not that good which causes me stress.......

BUT I have to admit it was really nice to read your positive outlook ... it raises my spirits :)

Baxter said...

Good morning, I find your post to be what I have been thinking. Last year, I was laid off due to covid19 and i was actually going to retire anyway. Our routine has changed drastically from awakening at 430a for my commute to waking naturally and enjoying the early morning. Going out and standing in the morning sun, regardless of temperature, is a great way to start the day. Going out to check the bird feeders is enjoyable. Our life has changed for the better in many ways. Since nearly a year ago, we have eaten all our meals in our home or in our Aliner trailer, no restaurants, no food picked up from the chinese place. We go food shopping every 2-3 weeks and really load up and we can do it fairly quickly, earlier in the morning. We enjoy going for rides in rural Illinois once or twice a week typically going birdwatching and hiking and watching trains. It is also enjoyable to watch the seasons change and the days shortening and lengthening and the leaves dying and growing and the flowers coming and going. We enjoy sitting in our home during the day reading and watching the sun moving across the sky. There is a lot to living and we are immersing ourselves in it.

Anonymous said...


Last week; 02 Feb., "Candelmas" - the day we CELEBRATE that winter is HALF OVER!

Anonymous said...

I live in Virginia, and about 9-miles from Washington, DC. I see Red Foxes in my backyard 2-3 times A WEEK! Sometimes they stop and lie on the grass in the sun. A couple times so close to the house that if there wasn't a window between us I could have reached out and touched one of them. Healthy looking with beautiful red coats so I guess food is not a problem.


ronnie said...

I don't have the February blues. I have a few projects on but I just can't seem to put my mind to any of them. Spring deems a long way off.


Joe said...

Reading these spring stories is nice but a little surreal for me. I have continued to work straight thru as an essential worker only real change is wearing a mask and lots of hand washing and sanitizer. I do see lots of animals around squirrels, deer, skunks even turkey and the occasional moose. Days are getting longer but still quite cold here. Hopefully spring will be here soon.

Roz said...

What a delightful post to read Hermione. Foxes and squirrels, we don't have either here. I am going to try and hold on to summer for as long as I can!


Unknown said...

Glad you are surviving well. The non acquisition of vaccines places us 47th in countries of the world for per capita vaccinations, and we are only that high because most people have not had the second dose. i am somewhat depressed every time our Trudeau spouts sh*t, which is every time he speaks.
We are still in lockdown, and will be for more than a month. Plus, as things open up, they are talking about a third wave. Without vaccines, no doubt it will come to pass.
Keep smiling, and being spanked. (i am trying both routes)
bottoms up

Fondles said...

For us "spring" is officially here on the first day of the Lunar New Year. It is also the spring festival, so here's hoping for more signs of life, both human and animal, in your neighbourhood!

I live in the city so all i get are birds once in a while. And listening to their songs really cheers me up, especially when the air is quiet and still in the early morning and it seems as if they're waking up the world!