Sunday, March 14, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #374

Welcome to another socially-distanced brunch at Hermione's Heart. The good news is that the vaccine is finally available here. The bad news is, Ron and I don't qualify for it. We will have to wait until the online booking app is up and running, and then book an appointment for April or May, while people much younger than us can drop into any drugstore and get the vaccine on the spot. Go figure! 

That leads me to the subject of today's brunch.

Have you ever received or delivered a spanking that you or the recipient thought was unfair? How did you deal with it?  Were there repercussions?

Please leave your response as a comment. I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.

From Hermione's Heart


Bonnie said...

Randy and I have an understanding. I grant him blanket consent to spank me whenever and however he decides is appropriate, necessary, or desirable. I trust him completely. In exchange, he grants me the right to opt out for any legitimate health or safety reason. This part we take seriously.

Within those bounds, if I object to a spanking, it's usually because I think his concocted rationale is flimsy, nonsensical, or just plain dumb. In such cases, I generally accept the spanking under protest and revisit the topic later. I often share this aspect of our relationship on the blog.

While I may occasionally gripe that a particular spanking was unfair, it happens within a framework that I wholeheartedly endorse. As Randy reminds me, "It only hurts for a little while."

Joe said...

As all I have told T she may spank me whenever and wherever she wants and however she chooses there are no unfair spankings. The only thing that would be unfair is refusing me when I request one.

WendelJones said...

I spanked the Misses on my Birthday a few years ago. She cried unfair since the birthday boy/girl is the one that should be spanked. I told her it was what I wanted for my Birthday so she would just have to take it. For me, it is a spanking and I like being spanked no matter the reason.

Roz said...

There has been the odd occasion that feelings were strong and I was feeling out of sorts, not so much that I thought it was unfair or not justified. However, on these occasions I felt even more out of sorts after the spanking. We managed to talk thing through and resolve the issue.



I very rarely get spanked as a punishment and when I do it is usually because I feel guilty about something and I have requested the punishment. So boringly I have to say no, I have not received a spanking or other punishment that I have thought unfair


Anonymous said...

In this household, no way, my wife spanks me when needed, trust me. My wife does not always spank when I mess up, so when she does spank it is justified and what makes it worse is that a spanking will not stop if a friend of hers drop in, and with my mother-in-law she has seen it from beginning to end. If I had told my wife this, boy would I have trouble sitting. Jack

Anonymous said...

This happens all the time. I’m really very well behaved. Irene spanks me because she’s fussy, demanding, and frankly a little bitchy at times. She also believes corroborated rumors she hears about things I supposedly did.

I explain how unfair these spankings are, but i only get spanked longer and harder.

- Rosco

P.S. Just kidding. It’s all consensual. I complain because I want more punishment. She does like to make it hurt, but it’s all a game. A fun, erotic game.

kdpierre said...

A play spanking for any "reason" is not considered unfair by me, but we also do DD. And THAT I take seriously so the reasons have to make sense. We had one instance a long time ago where I went along with the spanking even though I didn't agree with it for the same reasons others have stated. It was a disaster.

Now, Rosa and I have a simple understanding: we are just plain honest about it all. If I am guilty I don't "play protest". If I don't see her point, she will wait until I do and then we proceed. And if I am adamant, we talk it out instead. But this last option is rare, but I appreciate that it's part of our understanding.

Rosa has a lot of power, and she knows it. She has no desire to jeopardize our arrangement by insistence on something volatile, just because we have a DD relationship. A lot can be accomplished without rigidity. Firm is fine. Rigid is just too prone to later resentment. And bottom, sub, or whatever you want to call me, I WILL NOT submit to something I see as genuinely unfair or inaccurate. Like I said, if Rosa just feels like flexing her muscle, that's all she needs to say. But I have a hard time when a "reason" is given that is not accurate or fair.

Baxter said...

I can only think of one instance in which I initially thought the hard whack with the paddle was an unwelcome surprise. I had just lost my job and I was laying bare ass on the futon and my wife spanked me very hard once with a thick paddle. It got my attention and it stung for a while. Other than that, I ask for spankings and my wife is happy to accommodate my request.


Terpsichore said...

Personally, I think it's unfair that it has been so long since I have received a spanking! :-) Truly, I don't have an honest way to answer this question as there hasn't been any spanking fun going on here for a very long time, but I wanted to check in and say hello. Hope all is well. Hugs