Wednesday, March 17, 2021

A Long-Lost Friend

Last week Bonnie told us about a discovery Randy made while cleaning out the basement. I had a similar experience on the same day.

Many years ago I bought a toy called Humphrey the Humping Dog at a joke shop to amuse my mother-in-law, who was ill at the time. Later, I took Humphrey to work and we all had fun with him there. A few  years on, I suddenly realized that I hadn't seen the toy anywhere. After a lengthy search, I decided that he must have been pilfered from my office and I hadn't realized it at the time. 

Last week Ron decided to clean out the closet in our computer room. He came downstairs with some empty paper shopping bags and asked if I wanted to keep them. He handed me two empty ones and a third that seemed to have something inside. It was Humphrey! I told Ron that I has searched for him years ago, and he replied that he hadn't known. I think Ron had forgotten where he'd put Humphrey, and also that I'd been looking for him.

Humphrey now lived on our bed's metal headboard, and greets us with his happy cries whenever we squeeze his paw. Here's another Humphrey in action.

Speaking of friends, morningstar, where did your comments go?
From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

Looks like a fun dog. Make a great present for a bridal shower.
bottoms up

morningstar said...

comments?? you mean I'm supposed to have comments?

they're back Hermione

PK said...

The head board seems like an excellent place for him.

Fondles said...

haha i'm more amused by his "sounds" than his humping. LOL. what a fun 'toy'.

Roz said...

LoL Hermione, fun toy. One to pull out at a party lol


ronnie said...

LOL. Fun, I love it.