Sunday, March 28, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #376

Welcome! I hope you had as good a week as I did. There's something about the disappearance of snow and the sighting of robins and crocuses that puts a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I seem to have much more energy too, and that make me think of this week's topic.

What could you do to spice up your spankings? Is there something you have always wanted to try? Perhaps a different implement or an unusual position comes to mind. How about a change of location, or a fantasy partner? The sky's the limit.

Have fun with this one and use your imagination. Please leave your response in the comments section below. Once everyone has had a chance to respond, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

I have actually fantasized about going to a disciplinarian who would give me a real hard OTK spanking, the kind that you can't sit comfortably for several days. While we would talk about the spanking and the various implements and positions, there would be a bit of role play about something I did wrong and have to be punished for it. I have never had that kind of spanking and won't get it from my wife, who does spank me, but is vanilla about the subject. Baxter

Bonnie said...

Spice up our spankings, you ask? I feel like our spankings are already a triple decker habanero, cayenne, and vindaloo curry sandwich. I have little doubt my dear husband can conjure more heat (figurative and literal), but I never know what it will be until he serves it up.

Fondles said...

Ah, a fantasy partner would be ANY lead I'm watching at the moment in a period flick.

Jamie Fraser (Outlander), Ross Poldark (Poldark) ... heck, even Sister Julienne (Call the Midwife)

morningstar said...

The early tease of Spring got my blood flowing again ... and my imagination! I would love - LOVE - to be spanked at the camp..... we have this clump of trees down by the creek and the fire pit ...... I would love to be tied between them and let Sir Steve run the gamut of toys we have... especially the whip.

Roz said...

Spankings nowdays are sporadic, quick and light. Therefore my fantasy spanking at the moment would be just more!


Simon said...

I've been enjoying spankings for over 40 years and in that time I've tried almost everything. Some favorites include being punished outdoors, being punished in front of a group and punishing and being punished by a number of ladies. I can't think of an implement I haven't had used on me and whilst I dislike wooden spoons and heavy paddles I'm always ready to experiment. Of course there are some things I haven't enjoyed and probably won't try again. These include very strict bondage and being punished by another man which I tried at the behest of a lady.

QBuzz said...

Definitely being spanked in public and/or in front of others.

WendelJones said...

We spank in Halloween costumes and we spank in the woods. Both are a spice all their own. Putting them together would probably be the next step.

Anonymous said...

I had thought about it, being spanked in a woodshed. My wife best friend has a farm, we visit often, there is a woodshed, been told it is not where you want a spanking. Well I messed up, taken to the woodshed, it was just a spanking like others, it was afterwards, I was to leave my pants and underpants off, I was taken back to the house, bare from the waist down, I wanted to run to the house, my wife took her time, her friend was smiling from the porch and told my wife a little slower. Jack

Unknown said...

I sometimes fantasize about meeting other spankos, like yourself. It could be just for a drink on a patio, and a get to know the people. However, Covid makes this even less possible. However, the best fantasy would be both of us bent over the couch, maybe the arms, facing each other, and our partner bares our bottom and we both get spanked by our partner. Love to do this with any spanko couple, including both men being spanked by their partner.
bottoms up

Barrel said...

My wife is in an exercise group with a leader who is several times divorced and quite active socially. I fantasize about my wife setting up a session involving her exercise leader. The two of them would explain, over lunch, their plan for the afternoon. First to spank me over their stocking clad knees. After a thorough warm up, they restrain me over our bench and thrash me to their hearts content, concluding with a hard caning.

kdpierre said...

My spice rack is pretty well-worn and I can't think of anything that hasn't been tried. At my age now, I am open to whatever, but find myself refining existing "recipes" rather than pursuing elusive novelties. LOL

ronnie said...

Fantasy I have is to be spanked after a riding session, I would have to be correctly attired and so would he, I would have failed to impress in some way, or been disobedient or lazy not tending to my horse properly, something along those lines. It would perhaps have been a repeat offence for which I'd been warned and now I'd gone too far. He would deal with him firmly in the stable, bending me over a hay bale or something and giving me a should cropping.


Anonymous said...


I would love it (I think) if my Irene were to spank me in front of a friend or two, and perhaps give them a turn to whip my bottom. I could be the maid and serve them tea or, better yet, cocktails.

Other fantasies might take place in a women's locker room, where I am found as a Peeping Tom. Or perhaps I am caught filching Mrs. Robinson's panties from her clothesline.

Another builds on a real life experience when I was visiting and getting reacquainted with Maria, a former college girlfriend. Sitting in her living room, I could not help but look up the skirt of one of her roommates, who was wearing some very pretty pink panties (Was the view intentionally provided? I will never know.). The third roommate noticed and suggested to Maria that they spank me for peeking. Sadly Maria laughed it off.

Irene knows this and engages enthusiastically in playing the roles of all the women who are spanking me for various reasons. My bottom is in fact rather warm from yesterday's obedience lesson.

But it seems very unlikely to ever happen. We are pretty private and she and I would not want to share TTWD with any of her friends. The only way I could imagine it happening is with a stranger that we met on vacation or something like that.

I am more than satisfied with the status quo.

- Rosco


I would like to say that I have a list of things that I want to try as long as your arm but that could only be true if you were an Orangutang. So I will just pick one, that has been on my mind lately.

I want to be spanked in the wheelbarrow position, just to find out what it is like


Anonymous said...

Being spanked by my wife in front of a like-minded audience would be a high. Also, having my wife take me to a a pro for a thorough whipping would be highly erotic. On the other hand, quite happy with what we have! Graham