Monday, March 1, 2021

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 28

What keywords do you use to search for stories?

Jack: "naughty little boy" "Mommy" Keywords that mean the story is F/m, mostly Wife In Charge, not Femdom. Bathbrush, OTK, Corner Time.

Bonnie: My primary interest is M/F partner spanking. So in addition to the all important keyword "spank," I would search for terms like "husband," "wife," "boyfriend," and "girlfriend."

Blondie: spanking, adult, male/female.

KDPierre: Hmmm, too bad "good" wouldn't work. LOL

Like you I don't like most spanking stories. I am VERY fussy and expect a lot. I hate stereotypes, formulas, and cliches. I want a story first and the spanking as the icing. The LSF has thousands of stories and I think I have 'favorited' about 20. Hell, I don't even like some of my own stories and think they should have been written better. LOL.

Fondles: As we don't do discipline spankings, that has always been somewhat of a fascination for me. So aside from "spanking", also Discipline, M/f, OTK.

Roz: My primary interest is also M/F partner spanking. I like a relationship to exist between the couple also, not two people who have just met, whether or not for the specific purpose of spanking. I guess some of my keywords would be spanking, wife, husband, otk, discipline.

Anon 1: My favorite keyword is humiliation. F/M, M/F Sissy, crossdresser are all OK with me. What I really like is a first person story of a sub getting a bare bottom spanking. Witnessed, lectured, sent to the corner or to bed - all good to me.

Minielle: Hi Hermione, I love the Library of Spanking Fiction as well. For me I look for husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend... M/F. At times I enjoy the unexpected type of stories. For me the angst and build up are enjoyable in a story. 

Barrel: Key words that strike a cord with me are, thrashing, tawse, strap, hairbrush, cane, restraints and bench. Deference to my favorite author’s short blogs, Anniebeebooks, where these F/M reads resonate with me. 

I wasn't  familiar with Anniebeebooks, so thanks for the tip.

Wendel: "Naughty girls/boys get spankings", "spanked on the bare bottom", are some of the main phrases for me. Preferably the woman getting the spanking by a man or woman.
"Take your pants down" is my favorite and was a favorite of my parents. They always spanked or whipped me on my bare bottom. Reading that it reminds me of those childhood spankings.
The Misses likes reading about the man getting spanked. Go figure.

Baxter: I agree there are words in the F/M stories such as bare bottom, paddles, straps, restrained that make the story interesting. I like a shorter story that tends to get to the point of a spanking story. I have read some that are so long that I just stop reading, as there is very little hint of where the story is going, as in, a spanking.

My real opinion of stories is if they are 'arousing'. If they are, to me, it is a good story. If the story drags and is not arousing, then it doesn't work for me. 

Prefectdt: I don't really have enough computer time to read many spanking stories so mostly I look for ones that are short. At the moment I am enjoying Naughty Nora's stories, delivered in nice bite-sized chunks. I am mostly interested in stories about normal people in normal life who are into spanking. So I tend to want to see words like "Work" "Job" "Shopping" and other words that reflect everyday life for most people. Words like "Mansion" "Private Jet" "Rolls Royce" tend to put me off. There are far too many stories about the rich being into kink, it just seems like a standard copout to me.

 Red: I have interest in F/M, M/F, and F/F. Thank you for the reminder of It has been quite sometime since I visited there.

Ronnie: For me it's F/M stories. Spanking, husband, wife, discipline, cane.

Anon 2: Crossdressing! Men spanked and forced into panties. Complete role reversal. Turned into a maid or sissy wife. Over the new boyfriend's knee.

Hermione: I use "strap", "paddle", "slipper", "report card", "lying", "naughty girl (or boy)". I don't care for school caning stories as they are tend to be repetitive. I'd rather have a short story than a long, drawn-out one, and a touch of humour or a good twist at the end is always a bonus. I also enjoy those stories that purport to be true-life reminiscences.

Rosco: Irene is a virtual thesaurus when it comes to scolding me. I'm naughty, pouty, recalcitrant, disobedient, disputatious, incorrigible, wayward, rebellious, uncontrollable, insubordinate etc.

I also get turned on for sure when she tells me she is going to smother me with her big bottom. Then she does and she keeps on talking, but I can't understand her.

Such a wide variety of preferences! Thanks you all for sharing them.

From Hermione's Heart

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