Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Colour me Happy!

I'm doing the happy dance today. I finally got an appointment for one of the covid vaccines, so in two weeks both Ron and I will be protected.  Our second shots are booked for August, which is the standard wait time here.

To celebrate, here are some silly FAILs that will make you smile.


Mermaids have butts?

April Fool!

There's a third option?

'Tis the season to be jolly

I want my money back.

Come a little bit closer...

A nice souvenir of London -- NOT!

From Hermione's Heart


Fondles said...

oh my goodness the tap and the sink one really gave me a nervous tick! And that london souvenir hahahah

Glad you got your appointments for the vaccine! Remember to move your arm after getting the jab, so that the medication dissipates throughout the surrounding muscle and the immune cells don't all jam up together in one spot causing muscle cramps / aches. :)

(We're telling all our patients the same thing!)

Unknown said...

Good for you on the shot(s). We got ours here and it has really made us feel a bit safer.

Love the Stonehenge and chew deterrent the best. And for mermaids? I suppose, being fictional, they can have or not have whatever one wants. Personally? I think the butt is darned cute. LOL (Did you ever see Magritte's reverse mermaid painting?)

PK said...

These are great! So happy you're getting your shot. So glad to have our whole family vaccinated now. Maybe, maybe the world can open again.

morningstar said...

I loved the chew deterrent - that would be our black lab!!!

As for the vaccinations... isn't it a good feeling??!! I get my first one next week...I'm trying to stay upbeat about it... but now I am hearing (from medical folks) that the vaccines don't work on the variant from Brazil .. mind you I had every intention of wearing my mask .. and hand washing!

Baxter said...

We got our J&J shot nearly three weeks ago. We drove roundtrip 600 miles to get it as the vaccination process in the city area we live in was all screwed up. The mass vax centers in the rural parts of our state have plenty. Having the vaccination has made life a bit less stressful for us.


Erica Scott said...

Yay, Hermione and Ron!
I got my first vaccine this past Monday and my next one is on May 3.
Some parts of the U.S. are having a fourth wave, but it has not come to CA and I hope it doesn't. But I'll feel much better once we are vaccinated. Still gonna wear a mask though, until the science folks tell us we don't have to.

Joe said...

Thanks Hermione these are great, think I know the plumber who installed the faucet LOL. Glad you are getting your shots we already had ours here as my wife works in the medical field.

Anonymous said...

I loved all the fails but my favorite is Stonehenge.
I'm so happy for you and Ron that you're able to get your vaccines. I got both of mine last month.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for your delay.

When I got my first Pfizer shot, they made an appointment exactly three weeks later as I left.

- Rosco

WendelJones said...

I always wanted to spank a Mermaid’s butt at Stonehenge.
Glad to hear you are scheduled to get the vaccine. The Misses and myself got the second dose last week. We made sure they did not give the shot in the spanking arm.
Thanks for the laughs.

Roz said...

So glad to hear you and Ron are getting your shots Hermione.

Love the fails. The Stone Henge and chew deterrent ones are my favourites too.


Barrel said...

Creative and very enjoyable.

Congrats on getting your shots. We found it emotional and when we feared up, our nurses did as well.


ronnie said...

Hermione, thanks for the smile.

So happy that you and Ron are getting your jabs. Our second one is around middle of May. Good advice from Fondles. I had arm aches for a couple of days and on the evening of the jab, I couldn't get warm and was more or less sitting on the radiator.


Unknown said...

Great that you will be vaccinated soon. Some fun epic fails!
bottoms up