Sunday, April 25, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #380

It's time for another discussion about our favourite aerobic exercise, and for this week's topic, I took inspiration from our dear friend Bonnie's blog way back in November, 2013. I'll let her tell you what it is in her own words.

Do your spanking sessions ever include the spankee spending time seated on a hard surface after the spanking is over? If so, how do you feel about this ritual?

You are always welcome to express your opinion here, so don't be shy. Leave your response as a comment below. Once everyone has had a chance to participate, I will publish an edited summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

Sitting down after a spanking is not part of a ritual but occurs if the spanking is given before we go somewhere or when we would have family over. Since we work at home we give spankings in the morning or at lunch time. It is fun to watch the Misses struggle to find a comfy sitting position so she can work.

Anonymous said...

Yeah; I got 'cher "hard surface" right here. Have a seat.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.
Real answer: No.


Anonymous said...

No. Yuk! :-) Graham

Anonymous said...

As a male I tend to need to go after a spanking, can't explain, I'm not allow to stand, but have to seat and relieve myself. My wife enjoys seeing me squirm, and when I have to wipe it off, something us males don't do, I hate that. It is always facing the wall in the front room. She wants to enjoy her work and if others drop in to let them know who wears the pants in the family. Jack

Barrel said...

We don’t. However after a spirited spanking, my wife enjoys seeing me squirm dealing with the after effects, particularly when 3 or 4 days post.


Glenmore said...

Depending on the Restaurant , it wasn't always a hard surface but we often end to lunch or dinner after a spanking. Even if the chair was comfy it was still uncomfortable. Was also sent back to work after a spanking. I believe its not a case of sitting on a hard surface , but how long you have to sit there.

Anonymous said...

I've often taken my spankee out to eat, very soon after a spanking, and with some, we both enjoyed restaurants that happened to have wooden chairs.

I've also had one spankee write out punishment lines, bare bottomed, on a wooden folding chair, directly in front of me, after an otk spanking.

So while not a "always use it technique", it has come up on occasion.

Roz said...

We have on occasion gone to a cafe or restaurant post spanking, but no, sitting on a hard surface isn't part of our usual ritual.


ronnie said...

Sitting down on a hard surface after a spanking is not part of our ritual, but a number of times we have gone out to our little local bistro after I've been spanked and that place does have hard seats.



This has been part of some spankings that I have received. I don't find sitting on a hard surface, with a spanked bottom too uncomfortable but if I have been sat for a while and then stand up, I sometimes find the standing up part brings back a lot of pain to my battered bottom


Dr. Ken said...

Corner time on occasion, yes. Sitting on a hard surface, no.

QBuzz said...

Does next day at work count? My partner loves receiving messages from me about how uncomfortable it is sitting on a well-spanked bottom all day on an office chair :D
We also like the idea of post-spanking 'Punishment Mats' a la Real Life Spankings or Eric Stanton's 'Family Business' comic, but haven't got round to trying them yet.