Sunday, April 11, 2021

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #378

Welcome back, dear friends. I hope you've had a good week and are staying safe. Let's discuss spanking. 

Do you or your partner ever use titles like Sir, Master, Mistress or something similar when it's time for a spanking? Are these titles used because of a demand or rule, or are they used spontaneously? How do they affect your interaction?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had a chance to reply, I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

Rosa and I don't use anything like this, but Nickki seems to like to have me use different 'titles' at times. It's just a personal preference I suppose. I've done it both ways in the past as well, and when I did it more formally it seemed like a big deal, but when I didn't I realized it made little difference. It can add an edge, but only if it seems important to the parties involved.

Roz said...

During play time Rick if often Sir, sometimes Daddy. Sometimes it's a requirement but mostly it's just something that evolved from the early days when spanking was purely for fun and may be scene based. It does add to the tone.


Anonymous said...

My spankees know not to fail to use the term Sir throughout any spanking. The last time one salutation was missed while a spankee was counting spanks as ordered, 50 hairbrush spanks were added. She never forgot again.

WendelJones said...

"Yes Sir" and "Yes Ma'am" are the common titles. It is just something we have always done.

Anonymous said...


We do all kinds of role play. Mostly Irene initiates it and I’m not really sure who she is. Depending on the situation, I’ll call her mistress or ma’am or princess or queen or senorita or fraulein or Mrs Robinson etc.

She calls me by name but describes my behavior as pouty, petulant, obstreperous, disrespectful etc.


Anonymous said...

My wife decided after the first punishment spanking I would address her as Mommy. She told me her mother said once she got married she would be a wife, friend, and Mommy. She did not understand at the time, but that first spanking she did. I will address her as Mommy until told otherwise. I feel just like a naughty little boy calling my wife, Mommy, but agree, the punishment should fit the situation. Jack

morningstar said...

In my past relationship I used to HAVE to use the term 'Sir' - honestly I found it tiresome and not natural. Being the brat I can be ... I used to say "Yes Sir .. No Sir" and then mumble "3 bags full Sir"... didn't win me any brownie points.

Now in this relationship - the only time I use 'Sir' is when I write my blog.. or when we used to play publicly.... otherwise he doesn't want any titles. Much more sensible in my mind....... though I could see using an honorific if you are role playing... (we don't - never have never will - small smile)

Barrel said...

With normal spankings, we don’t use any special names as she usually just wants to get started. However, during our longer and more intense sessions where she will lecture or question me during a pause, I refer to my wife as ‘Miss’. The hardest question for me is when she asks if I am able to take more, and the answer she has trained me to give is, ‘only if they are harder, Miss’.

Good topic this week. Thanks

Cheers, Barrel


It depends upon who I am playing with. I am usually happy to go with the other parties wishes on this as long as they are not too complicated. "Princess Caranthorp The Third Of Thrashsilvania" for example, is a bit too much to remember in the heat of play.

If I am asked for a preference, I kind of like being referred to as "Boy", when I am on the receiving end


ronnie said...

Used Sir when we've done roll play and I sometimes cheekily call P Sir during a spanking.


Anonymous said...

Have her call me "Sir" or "Master"? Nope. Would not even think of doing that.

1. I wouldn't want that.
2. The pointing and laughter from her....!


Bonnie said...

I have addressed him as Sir on occasion when it seemed like it fit the mood, but it's not a regular feature of our sessions.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I address him as sir when we are playing. It does make me feel more submissive and gets me into that headspace. If he wants me to use it at other times he uses my full name, rather than my shortened name as a signal.