Sunday, July 3, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #442

On Friday we celebrated Canada Day to commemorate the unification of four separate provinces into the country of Canada. There was music and dancing, and fireworks at night which our dogs totally ignored, to our great relief.

Now on to our discussion topic, suggested by regular brunch attendee Barrel.

What role does the spankee play in getting ready for the spanking, like readying the implements, placing cushions or towels or laying out restraints or gags?

Please leave your response as a comment. Once everyone has had the opportunity to join in the conversation (don't everyone speak at once:) I will publish an edited summary of our conversation.

Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Jean Marie said...

Generally, it's shared responsibilities with no one having assigned duties in my relationships.
If it is a mutually-agreed-upon disciplining, we'll both make sure the scene is set. If he is springing a unscheduled spanking on me, my Top will make sure he has what's needed.
I remember one time when a one-night-stand ordered me to "fetch the implement you think you need to be punished with." I smirkingly brought back a feather duster. He got the last laugh by spanking me extra hard, then inserting the handle of that feather duster for me to hold (without hands) during cornertime.
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

I take care of everything. I make sure it is easy for her to give me the spanking I need. I lay out the hairbrush shaped paddle and wait in the corner with my bare bottom on display. Then she makes me tell her why I am getting spanked before taking me over her knee and blistering my butt. At least in my dreams that is how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I prepare everything: pillows on the bed, a paddle on a nearby dresser, with myself laying on the pillows, waiting for a hard bare-bottom spanking. Afterwards, I thank my wife for the spanking.

WendelJones said...

The spanker usually gets everything ready. Sometimes I make the Misses bring the paddle to me. I love the look of anguish on her face when she presents the paddle for her spanking.

Mark said...

I prepare everything too. The spanking may occur in different places and with different implements but my wife tells me how it is going to be and I must make it happen.
The only difference is if I ask for a spanking, the implement can be of my choice... but I still get everything ready.

Roz said...

Happy Canada Day Hermione!

In general Rick usually retrieves implements etc


ronnie said...

P gets everything he needs. Occasionally he will ask me to bring him a particular implement.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Bernie said...

I'd say it's about 50/50. While I'm expected to arrange pillows, etc., My wife usually gets the implements and anything else she deems necessary.

Once in a while, it's up to me to get everything ready. I'll be sent back to the toy drawer, if the number of implements, or their variety is insufficient. Getting sent for more portends a longer more severe spanking.

One way, or the other, it's great!

Anonymous said...

My wife generally likes to choose the implements she will use. Sometimes she will order me to present it to her. This is more likely with an unplanned or "on the spot" spanking

Anonymous said...

No set plan as it is too spontaneous and never a ritual. The only thing, maybe, is "that look*" on the spanker's face, and "that look" on the spankee's!

The only other might be to keep that tush in spankable condition!

* And by "look" I mean with a bit of a devilish and SUBTLE smile.


Anonymous said...

I like to pretend spankings are nonconsensual - that I am indeed being punished. So I have encourage Irene to order me to get out the implements and straps (usually I am tied down).

Other times, Irene puts me in the corner, or on a hard chair in her dark closet, while she gets stuff out.

Our code is for me to complain if I want a spanking. The more I complain or say I don't need or deserve it, the harder and longer it will be. If I am not up for it (rare), I say "can we do this later".


- Rosco

Barrel said...

My answer depends on the spanking. If it is to be a lead up to intimacy, my wife will select the implement(s). These tend to be 30 to 60 swings and all I have to do is bend over her lap or the end of the bed. If we have planned a session, I am to set everything up. This includes a bench at the end of our bed onto which I stack pillows then cover with towels. Restraints for my ankles, thighs, waist and wrists. I am to lay out two delrin canes, leather strap, tawse, riding crop and rubber paddle from which she will choose and rotate. We have a breathable ball gag that we sometime use when she plans an extended thrashing with the canes, which I dread the most.

After a session, I am uneasy on my feet when arising from the bench, but so relieved and relaxed.

I love all the variety in the responses so far. Thanks for asking my question and all the interesting answers.



Well, mostly these days I get in my camper van, drive the distance required and find a camp site. Then the day after, I get on my folding bike and cycle to the venue with a bag full of toys and hope in my heart. :)


Anonymous said...

Since my spankings are strictly punishment no intimacy of any kind I am required to figure out how to get the tiny metal thimble locked on.