Monday, June 27, 2022

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for June 26

How soon after a spanking do you feel the need for another one?

Bonnie: I'd prefer not to invoke my usual answer, but in this instance, I must: It depends. It depends upon Randy's plans, how complete and satisfying the previous spanking was, our energy levels, what else is going on in our lives, and the phase of moon. Not a definitive response, but it's true.

Jean Marie: First of all, in your greeting, you said you hoped that we were "staying out of mischief." What fun is that? Of course I'm not! How's a girl supposed to get her bottom spanked that way? How ludicrous of you, my friend!
As to this week's topic, I relate heavily to what Bonnie stated; so many factors come into play. Chief among them is time; if we're free, I'm getting spanked, which leads (like night following the day) to sex.
I was about to add to my answer by saying it depends on how damaged my backside was from the previous session, but this isn't true, upon reflection. I tend to err toward being insatiable when it comes to spanking and sex.
Another great, thought-provoking question! Thanks for hosting, Hermione!

Roz: Great question Hermione. It depends on a number of factors as the others have said. What else is going on in our lives, energy levels, time, what the last spanking was like etc. Also the nature of the previous spanking. If it was a lighter, play spanking for example, I am more likely to want a repeat sooner than a harder spanking.

Graham: I'll give both a practical answer and a fantasy answer. As a practical matter, it's usually weeks between spankings. On a fantasy level, I'm often ready in a day or two...and sometimes I'm lucky! 

Fred Bloggs: It depends, but mostly quite soon. Spanking is addictive.

Ronnie: Straight away:) It depends on P and what we have going on and what the last spanking was like but I always hope I get spanked again very soon after.

Anon 1: By the next day, I am usually craving another spanking.

A.J.: " long is it before you want another spanking?"

Actually, 3-4 months. There are times I CRAVE it, get it, and that seems to hold me for a while.

On the other (spanking) hand, if you had asked:

" long is it before you want to give her another spanking?"

That would get a completely different response! It would be days, or a week or two.

Prefectdt: It depends on the severity of the spanking that I have just received. For a very light spanking, it could be as little as 5 minutes. But these days I know that I am not going to get spanked that often, so I try to get a proper whupping, when I can and so it would be about a week before the deep muscle trauma and other effects have worn off before I would be fit for another spanking. Then I want a spanking, but usually have to wait much more than a week until I get my next bottom warming.

Wendy: TBH, I always *want* a spanking. I guess I would want to be spanked as soon as the effects of the previous one wore off. 

Rosco: 4-5 days usually. Mostly it’s once a week and a powerful wonderful experience followed by pussy licking and intercourse.

Sadly, Irene, is recovering from “minor” surgery and it’s been almost 2 months. I’ve been getting a few lectures but it’s not quite the same.

Anon 2: After my wife spanks me, I am always ready in a few days for the next one.

Hermione: I wouldn't want one right away. I prefer to have an interval of several days, in order to allow the anticipation and dread to build. Looking forward to a spanking is part of the total experience.

Enjoy your week, and feel free to drop by any time.

Glory to Ukraine

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Anonymous said...

Spankings in this household are for one purpose only, to correct a problem. My wife spankings are such, that wanting another is not in the picture. I have been spanked in the same day a few times, spanked by my wife for disrespect to my mother-in-law and then spanked by my mother-in-law an hour later. Spanked during the day and then at bedtime, not often, but my wife wants to insure I have learned my lesson. Jack

Anonymous said...

The thoughts of spanknig are with me daily, due in part to my internet browsing enhancing the thoughts. As others have said, many factors would determine when I actually would want to be spanked.However, a few days between sp ankings allow the thoughts to become stronger, and also time to worry a little!
bottoms up

Bernie said...

Hey! Happy Canada Day!