Sunday, August 14, 2022

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #448

It's nice to see you all here today. Let's give a big round of applause to Rich Person, who will introduce the topic he suggested for today's brunch.

What do you notice about a person that immediately prompts you to want to participate in spanking with them? That is, for doms and dommes, what would attract you to want to spank or discipline them? For subs, what would attract you to want a spanking or discipline from them? What are the physical characteristics, attire, mannerisms, or anything else that creates a connection?

Please leave your response as a comment. I'll give you plenty of time to think about this one, then I'll publish an edited summary of our discussion.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting question. Since I never engage in play with anyone I do not like, they must appear friendly, personable, and happy even ahead of physical characteristics. Must have a good personality.

As for physical traits: I am just 5'10' and prefer shorter spankees, truly favor 5'5' or less, as I want my spankee fully off the ground during otk. So, for physical characteristics, I actually prefer short legged women and of course nice round, not overly large behinds. From my perspective, short legs with kicking feet during otk, and of course, a bottom getting more jiggly under my hand or hairbrush is a perfect site. Especially on top of spankee verbal reaction sounds.

Bonnie said...

I don't really have a satisfying answer this time because I never look any farther than the guy beside me.

Speaking in the abstract, attributes I find attractive in men include a strong jaw, broad shoulders, muscular arms, and a confident smile.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I see a tall, curvy, beautiful woman - 6 foot, 180+ pounds, athletic - I must admit I get a little weak in the knees, and my fantasies turn to her dominating, punishing and spanking me. Like Maria Sharapova, or Rebecca Romjin, to pull a couple names out of the air. I think I always felt this way but only recently linked it to my punishment fantasies.

Roz said...

What a great question. I have never really thought about spanking as such when looking to start relationships. To me a strong, confident personality would be top of the list, along with muscular arms.



If a woman is of a shorter stature, that helps, that has nothing to do with preference of looks but more that I have found that shorter women are less shy about whupping you harder, when I am in the mood for that. Other than that, square shoulders, long fingers and tidy hair, tend to get my attention. How a woman moves is also a great indicator of how naturally coordinated they are and therefore, more likely to be an accurate striker. And there is the glasses thing, can't forget about that. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm, a good question.

I’ll start with piercing eyes that look right at you, either sternly or with a smile - but she seems to know what I’ve been up to.

Leather boots maybe. But I also find sweaty women who’ve been working out very sexy. Maybe they’d like to culminate their exercise session by whacking my naughty bottom as much as it needs.

I don’t much like makeup but lipstick can give a woman an air of authority.

Clothing can be tight or loose, “sexy” or not, but dull colors and scratchy wool fabrics turn me off. Shaved pubic hair would turn me off as well - if things went that direction.

I love a stern lecture, but also when a woman teases me and laughs - and when she’s sexually demanding.


Anonymous said...

That an interesting question, but also a difficult to answer question.

"What do you notice about a person that immediately prompts you to want to participate in spanking with them?"

"Immediately" is what makes this one hard. Like the first responder, a friend, someone I have know, someone I like with a whole lot of mischief in her. Willing to take and give as fun, not punishment. (I don't do punishment.) That takes a lot of time so "immediately" takes on a new definition.

"What are the physical characteristics, attire, mannerisms, or anything else that creates a connection?"

As above, someone I like with a whole lot of mischief in her.

Physical characteristics? Not a lot, esp. if she is willing to go otk bare bottom - who cares?

My favorite response to questions like this: "If she has a great tush - I want to spank it! If she has great stems - I want to be over them!"

Attire? Completely nude is always nice. And - an attitude! Whether she is the spankee or the determined spanker.

But my favorite sexy attire for a spankee (or any woman) is - wearing my shirt!
And nothing else. (Sexy panties can also work. For a while.)

Only acceptable accessories are "glasses" for the naughty librarian look, fuck-me-heels, and maybe small pearls (No, I don't know why.)

This is where "attitude" comes in. That outfit with the right attitude on her part, is the submissive who is going to be spanked and then f**ked; or the seductive spanker going to spank me and then demand I f**k her!


wolfman7446 said...

I like for her to be feminine in character; soft and gentle, with girly gestures such as upturned eyes, which indicate her desire to submit and be led. Attire is important, a pretty dress or skirt is always preferable to pants. Finally, she needs to display her intelligence, which is the most sexy thing about a girl, add in some innocent mischief, and you have a dynamite package!!

I forgot to add one more important item; she conveys her strong desire for me to be her dominant.

Spanky53 said...

For me it isn't anything physical...It's attitude. Playfulness, confidence and a willingness to engage. Everything else is just icing on the cake. And I would say it's the same for anyone who plays with me, because lord knows I am the least attractive person in any room. But then again I do have great hands and a firm lap.

Jean Marie said...

We've been discussing this question all day as we've traveled. Initially, there was joking about my round bottom and his strong arms & large hands. But it's much more than anything physical for us (& I think most people in the final analysis). I brought up the concept of chemistry, and Robert improved upon it by suggesting alchemy. It's something that is un-understandable, ethereal qualities that blend together to make something golden. That's as close as we could get to an answer.
Jean Marie

Rich Person said...

I think these are great answers. I agree that intelligence, playfulness, and ease with interacting are very attractive.

As for physical qualities, I like enough curves to suggest real femininity. I enjoy dressing my girl and taking her out where she can be seen.

But the thing I find most attractive is intelligence. It suggests that the physical part of the relationship can be very satisfying.

Thanks for posting the question, Hermione.