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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 7

Tell us about your least-favourite implement.

Anon 1: I hate belts, everything about them when it comes to spanking.

Jean Marie: The pain of two different paddles gets through to me most intensely.
I hate the Lexan paddle and I hate the big, fraternity-type wood paddles! They rate as worst on my list, especially if they have holes drilled through them!
I hate it when I'm left with those oval, raw spank spots exactly where I sit, and the skin is left ashy and abraded, as well.
Just thinking about getting it with these makes me shiver.

Barrel: I have never been fond of the heavy wooden paddles as they are too thuddy and can bruise my hip and pelvis bones. But I truly fear our Fetish Fantasy rubber paddle. It is hard and delivers the most intense sensation. I can deal with the white hot brand from our canes, but for some reason, the rubber paddle is more extreme. Maybe the surface area it covers is just bigger? I do fear that paddle when directed to bring it to my wife.

Bonnie: I dislike whippy implements that can wrap around my hips and/or break the skin. We tend to avoid those.

Jack: My mother-in-law gave her daughter a bath brush. My wife mentioned that the hairbrush was not getting the results she wanted. My wife within a week was applying it to my bare bottom, I never felt such a sting, it hurt, I was kicking, squirming, pleading. The spanking dance I did afterwards let my wife know the bath brush got my attention. I have begged her not to use it, the hairbrush hurts enough. 

Wendel: We are not fond of the cane or whip. It will sound silly, but they lack the playfulness that paddles and the belt we use offers. Spankings for us need to be fun. 

Roz: I dislike any implement that can wrap around. Canes I also have a love/hate relationship with, depending on how it is being used.

Prefectdt: I am put off by anything metal. Spatulas, swords, metal rods or anything like that. Although I suspect that my aversion to metal is more psychological than anything else. I was, reluctantly, talked into being spanked with a small, shallow frying pan, a few years ago and as soon as I stopped thinking about it being made of metal and started concentrating on the sensation, that it gave, I enjoyed being spanked with it.

sissy terri: I try to avoid belts by just being on my best behavior. It doesn't always work. If She has Her mind set on a belt, then it's going to be the belt. If She's wearing it, then seeing Her go through the motions of taking it off and all that scene entails can be very arousing. The other implement I try to avoid if there are other people who know about our lifestyle around is the wooden spoon. Primarily because after the discipline, She will often make me stand or kneel in the corner to show off my reddened bottom with the spoon's handle stuck between my cheeks. Very humbling!

A.J.: I'm a mild spanker/spankee so I only use/get the hand applied to bare bottom.
If my or her hand starts to hurt, then it is OK to use a small strap or belt, and maybe a SMALL, LIGHT, wood paddle.
The "moment," to me, is what is important, not the damage that can be done.

Many, many years ago I was with a spanking pal in Calif., and after spanking her otk, she took me otk to return the favor. Then:

Her: Have you ever tried the cane?"

Me: "Not interested!! Too brutal and too ritualistic. Why?"

Her: "I love the cane! It hurts with each stroke, but the heat from it after is amazing."

Me: "Yeah; well I love you. But not interested."

Her: "Don't you want to at least try it???"

Me: "Not really."

Her: "Please! For me? Just one stroke; so you can see what it's like. You may like it."

Me: "OK. One stroke. And not too hard. And to keep you honest, after you give me one, I get to give you one!"


I bend over a table, upper half of my body fully on the table top. She approaches. Takes her time.
Waiting...taps...taps...waiting..aims, then (Swish!)"Thwack!""

And I stood up!!! OK! Lesson learned, I didn't like it. At all, after-glow or not.

Her: "But that was just a light-medium stroke!!"

Me: "Yikes!! It was? You convinced me! Now I KNOW I don't like it."

My one and only time with a cane.

Other no-no's:
Belts and light straps are fine - if carefully applied - but NO WHIPS!
Nothing metal.
No Lexan. 

Ronnie: Wood isn’t my favourite and I don’t like anything that can wrap around. 

Mark: For me any heavy wooden paddle applied hard can rapidly get too much. I also don't like the grey spots that appear even if the paddle has been spread around on the bottom.
Never been spanked with metal or lexan... and don't wish to start now :-).

Hermione: Ron likes to make walking sticks from the fallen branches in our garden. He chooses a straight one, trims it, coats it with plastic sealant, and stores it in a basket in the hall, ready for our next walk. Recently he made a variation of the walking stick. It was a very slender branch, about one metre long, that he trimmed, sealed, and added a loop at the top for hanging. He proudly presented the switch to me, then proceeded to thrash me with it. My word, it stings! It goes to the top of my list of least-liked implements, along with the dressage whip. I hate anything thin and whippy. Lucky for me, the switch does not wrap, so that's a plus.

Anon 2: Usually it is always her hand followed by hairbrush and then the leather strap, very uncomfortable and lot’s of pain but my behaviour improves immediately.

If I have been very naughty she gets a twig and boy does that deliver a message.
Bent over the couch I have to lift and present my bottom to her and ask her politely to punish me for being a very naughty boy.
Anything between 6 and 24 strokes will follow and trust me, 12 or higher makes it really impossible for me to sit or sleep on my back for several days!

Very humiliating and painful, but to be honest, it is always well deserved! 

Rosco: I bought a carpet beater once. It felt like iron when Irene whacked me with it.

Wooden spoons don’t provide much of the satisfying thwack that a paddle does, though they can hurt plenty.

We have mostly leather. The (teskey) quirt and the round handled two-tailed tawse are both deliciously wonderful, but initial strokes on a cold bottom can be a bit much. And the quirt is a whippy little thing that’s hard to control and sometimes Irene will inadvertently strike my balls sending waves of pain through my body (measured strokes on my balls with a riding crop are intense but stimulating- go figure).

It’s been more that 40 years. My bottom has taken a lot but always bounced right back. But I’ve tweaked my back, neck and shoulders a few times - far more serious than a bruised bottom.


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