Sunday, September 24, 2023

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #506

Hey everybody, let's talk about spanking! In particular, the clothing you wear or don't wear when giving or receiving one. Our dear friend Bonnie suggested this take on spanking apparel.

Imagine a spanking uniform (to be worn by the spanker or spankee, as you prefer).  How does it look?

Get those creative juices flowing and tell us about your design. No AI allowed! I will publish an edited summary of our discussion once everyone has had an opportunity to respond.

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WendelJones said...

We do enjoy costumes. The Misses has been spanked as a princess, school girl, pirate and many other characters. My favorite is when I get to spank Cinderella.
I love when she wears the 1960’s house wife dress with white apron. It does not matter what I have on because my pants come down and I am given a sound paddling.

Anonymous said...

Easy call for me. I just love seeing my wife in suspenders and stockings under various outer garments from nighties, so short skirts, to long skirts, etc. The suspenders can be a simple garter belt, OBG or corset. Strong preference for fairly wide suspenders as the spaghetti straps don't do it for me. Graham

Bonnie said...

I have several uniforms that I wear, but the results are always the same. One I think might be Randy's current favorite is the bad ballerina. We just did this. I wear a white thong-style leotard and a white tutu. The tutu is smaller than a dancer would select because it rests almost horizontally atop my hips exposing the entire lower half of my bottom.

In his world, bad ballerinas need to be caned on bare skin. He uses our punishment cane to apply the necessary correction. This really, really hurts!

After I am sufficiently red and sore, my loving husband guides me to the bad girl corner so he can memorialize my visible discomfort with photographs. "Now lean slightly forward," he says. In my mental state of confused bliss, I misunderstand his command so he asks me if I need the hairbrush. This time I realize he has no intent to fix my hair. So I bend over as commanded.

"Now turn your head toward me. Good. Now rub your spanked butt. OK. Just like that. Smile like you love it all. Perfect." I comply.

finally, my uniform comes off and unclothed part of the evening commences.

Roz said...

Something we have only done rarely, though school girl was popular. Rick has though on a number of occasions stipulated how he wants me dressed eg skirt rather than pants sans bra, panties or both.


Anonymous said...

It I really have crossed the line, my wife/Mommy has me put on my pajamas or jammies as she calls them. Does not matter time of day, if she waits for the morning, I'm already in my pajamas and will be in them the rest of the day if not longer, meaning several days. The spanking I get is a very sound spanking, facing the wall with my pajamas bottom down, no matter who might drop in. I know it will be early bedtime. An adult in his pajamas, with a very well spanked bottom, is the worse. Jack

jpo said...

Hi Bonnie: My wife insists that i be dressed full fem for a spanking. That usually includes panties, bra, stockings, heels and a dress or nightie. I'm sitting here right now in a pink knee length nightie, matching bra and panties, dark stockings and 3in heels, with a touch of makeup, including lipstick. I'm waiting to be called into the bedroom for the spanking, either with her paddle or her strap. She feels that by dressing me fem it adds to the humiliation of having her take my panties down and spank me to tears. She's very right. Have to go, just got the summons to the bedroom.

Anonymous said...

As a guy and a spanker, for a fun spanking, I would vote for yoga pants, if fact if I could I would make all women wear yoga pants most of the time. I love the way they look and feel. I love spanking a bottom with them up and I love how easy they are to pull down. I think a woman looks naughtier with her clothes on and her bottom bared them totally naked. That being said for a punishment spanking I would vote for a spanking skirt with the back removed to expose the bottom while she is standing in the corner before and after her spanking.
When I am to be spanked I have a t-shirt that says "naughty boy" on the front and says "spank me" on the back.

sub hub in phx said...

In our marriage, we have evolved over the years. In other words, we've "done it all", based mostly on what we thought was the 'right way' to do it, and that included preferences for how each of us would be dressed. We've always believed in the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid). As such, and since Mistress K. uses spanking for punishment/correction purposes only , she has one very simple rule that must always be followed ... my bottom must always be bare to accept her spanking. If time and circumstances allow, I must be fully naked, with the only exception being my permanently attached cage.

She always only wears what she has on, which is most often her regular everyday clothes and not fetish wear or uniforms.

Jean Marie said...

Wonderful question!
When I first came out as a spanko in college, informing potential suitors that I wanted/needed to be spanked for foreplay, I also corresponded with a pen pal in Europe. We found it fascinating to compare our cultures. She assumed that when I said I was into BDSM that my suitors all wore black leather, a hood/face mask, harness for a top and skintight leather pants and heavy boots. I got a huge laugh out of that! Actually, I'm a sucker for a sharp-dressed man. I LOVE it when my man is wearing a suit and necktie when he tells me that I'll be punished. I cream as he takes off a cuff-link and rolls up a sleeve, loosens his tie and unbuttons that top button, before draping me over his knee. I have never been punished by a man wearing a tuxedo, but imagine my arousal would be exponentially greater.
As for me, I like to be naked much of the time when home. But I like to be clothed before a spanking, just so my Top will have something to remove. I LOVE my skirt pushed up onto my lower back and my panties pulled down to mid-thigh. I like to think of my bottom being "framed" in this way.
I once saw a "spanking outfit" in a fetish shop. It was a vinyl dress with the ass area cut out and a buckle across the backs of the legs to hold it together. I've often imagined what it'd be like to be punished in this attire, for my sweat and jism to be making things slick inside as my bottom is warmed. But I would never buy such a thing in real life. A schoolgirl pleated skirt and white cotton panties are sufficient.

Barrel said...

As the spankee, I don’t have to imagine too much as we have performed this quite closely to my imagination. I will have been mentally prepared for a session for 3 days. The session begins with showering and shaving my privates. Upon exiting the shower, I see the large plug (1.75” in diameter), very sheer pantyhose, 3” high heels and nipple clips. My wife meets me to insert the plug which, given its girth, takes several minutes and deep breaths to insert. As I sit to on the bench to put on my the hose, the plug embeds into my being. The heels elevate my humiliation as my wife applies the nipple clamps, ignoring my moans. My wife tells me the burn from the clamps will only build until I bring her the cane.

Anonymous said...

If she is on the receiving end - a silk or light cotton, easily flip-upable (is too a werd) skirt while wearing panties any girl would be spanked for wearing. (But not for long as I love "unveiling" the target completely.)
Whatever else she is wearing, though, must come off quickly for the events that follow.

If I'm the target, a shower, a close shave, and then I put on one of my EXPENSIVE and beautiful SILK boxers that can easily be pulled down. (Some women love it when guys - finally - wear GREAT underwear. A couple times, while her hand was on my tush before she begins, I have heard "Ooooh! Nice underwear!"

Feels sexy, too! Goes with the moment!

After that, I'm kinda' boring.


KDPierre said...

"Imagine a spanking uniform (to be worn by the spanker or spankee, as you prefer). How does it look?" I take from this that the question is not what we actually wear but a fun exercise in fantasy design, and in that spirit.............

I would say mine would be for the spankee, and in my imaginings that would mean male attire. The uniform would come in three colors (purple for sexy spankings, black for play ones, and red for genuine punishments) and consist of a relatively form-fitting jumpsuit with the rear totally (and I mean TOTALLY) open from tailbone to mid-thigh. The opening would be framed with a modest ruffle just to add some embarrassment.

The lower legs would have what would look like cuffs but really be sturdy velcro straps that could be kept as is or undone and reattached to the opposing legs as a sort of ankle binder if some restraint is needed. The same would be true for the wrists. There would also be an optional thong strap for use when modesty, cheek-spreading, or plug retention, is desired but removable when total bareness is desired.

The crotch would be both pouched and lightly padded so that a male would be contained and not feel any frontal stimulation when OTK nor 'leak' anything embarrassing on their spanker's lap if too excited. There would also be a velcro patch for the lower back where the official number of smacks can be attached and displayed as a reminder to the disciplinarian and numerical footnote for any cornertime displays or photos.

I'm not tailor so I don't know what material would be best, but something breathable and hopefully stylish and maybe even a little flattering.

Anonymous said...

Our spankings almost always involve roleplay and are followed by sex.

Irene often dresses up, sometimes changing her clothes a couple of times. Flirty schoolgirl, strict teacher, nurse, equestrian, southern belle, flamenco dancer, hofbrau fraulein (yes I bought her a dirndl) British royalty etc. She does nice accents too.

Sometimes I’m naked, sometimes part of my punishment is being dressed in frilly pink panties or a lace nightgown. Recently she bought me a bra. She’ll tease me about embarrassing me in front of “all the girls”. This is a fantasy of mine that she always tolerated but adopted herself enthusiastically after more than 30 years. Go figure. (Maybe that’s a question, Hermione - what changes after a decade or more?)