Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Go girls!

Kink Popularity

Here's an interesting chart, found on the subReddit r/redscarepod (thank you, Bonnie!) that shows the relative interest in 500 kinks based on age and gender. The data was taken from Fetlife, so there are some pretty out-there kinks, but what it shows is the majority of spanking-related kinks are favoured by older females. They enjoy riding crops, whips, paddling, bare-bottom spanking, flogging, and more!

Hairbrush spankings and otk spankings are equally enjoyed by older males and females alike, but older males are also into belt whipping, single tail whips, and whipping (do you detect a pattern here?)

To see the chart properly and find out what the 500 kinks are, click on it then zoom in to enlarge it. Or go to the original source here.

Slava Ukraini
Glory to Ukraine

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

A little bit hard to see properly but interesting. I'm not totally surprised older women prefer spanking related kink.


Anonymous said...

A million things here. I had to look up wartenberg pinwheel.

I was interested in the Facesitting. - preferred most by younger women. So glad my 68 year old wife loves it and has the strong thighs or whatever it takes. I just lie back and savor. Heresy, perhaps to say on this blog, but probably more important than spanking.

Thanks for posting and thanks to Bonnie.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had a way to print a wall-size copy. It would make it a whole lot easier to work through all of the possible kinks in the process.


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

We men do seem to be a little higher on the "eww - gross" factor. Puppy play??

And, where severity in spanking is concerned, seems like those juniors need to up their game!

KDPierre said...

A very interesting graph...............for FetLife users. Of all the people I have played with and do play with, being on FetLife is not a common attribute, so I wonder how the graph would skew for the general population?

The other thing that seemed odd is the placement of domestic discipline pretty solidly in the male camp whereas my life experience has led me to find WAY more women (maybe like 4 to 1) into it than men. In fact, I have always felt men are a genuine minority in this category, so I am suspicious of this graph's accuracy, at least in terms of general population.

Bonnie said...

We've debated for years the reason why there are a disproportionate number of female spanking bloggers. Many people attributed it to women being more inclined to express ourselves in this medium. But now we have some insight into the real reason. As I long suspected, women are just into spanking.

Go Team Girls!

Anonymous said...

When I was dating, one of the women enjoyed being spanked. Something new to me, so I did the best I could to please her. She enjoyed a hard spanking, wanted to let others know. Our sex life was outstanding, but she would wait a couple of days after a spanking. Her best friend I got to know and admitting I never will understand a female, this best friend while visiting made the excuse to use the bathroom. When she returned she was naked, I looked, and said do you wish a spanking like your friends receives. I soon had her over my lap, her bare bottom feeling the sting of my hand, until my girl friend handed me a hairbrush. The results were great, she decided she had enough, and I just continued, when I asked her if she would do as told, she agreed, I had her face the wall, and then told my girlfriend she was getting a spanking, reason she told her friend. I had her undress, and I started with the hairbrush. Both facing the wall, what a sight to see. I finally told them to face me, hands at side. I asked the friend is that what she wanted and she admitted yes. I told them to get dress, going out to dinner, they looked at me. I found the hardest sits in the restaurant and enjoyed how they squirmed while eating. I know other noticed, but my girlfriend liked let others know and her best friend well she squirmed the most.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Roscoe. A whole buncha' stuff I don't know about.

Note to self: You need to get out more often!

Fun that so many older women like spanking, but not that surprising. Many of the women I dated, and OH SO CAREFULLY asked about spanking them, would tell me:

"Well, OK If it's not too hard!!!"

"Not too hard." That was the common denominator.
Fun part? After, some said I could have (hand) spanked a bit harder. Go figure.