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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 18

This week we discussed physiological changes that result from a spanking.

Wendel: When I spank the Misses by hand the palm of my hand is usually red and my heart rate becomes elevated from the excitement of seeing her bottom turn red. During a whipping with the belt the Misses will break out in a sweat and eventually get tears in the eyes. For both of us we also love to have lasting marks. Depending on what we get spanked with the marks may last for at least week. Just an extra reminder of the love we have for each other. 

Roz: Heart rate and breathing rate increase plus a rise in body temperature (not just my bottom). I also sometimes end up feeling a little physically weak briefly afterwards and have been known to get the shakes briefly afterwards also. 

Bonnie: Do screaming and kicking count as physiological changes? If so, there's definitely that.

I also experience rapid breathing, accelerated heart rate, flushed face, perspiration, raspy voice, and sexual arousal.

Sometimes, there are also some residual marks at the points of contact. Later, I may experience an ache, a sunburn-like sensation, or itching.

Barrel: From the thrashing I received yesterday, I have vivid recollection of rapid, heavy breathing, almost to the point of hyperventilating. I sweat and drool on the towel under my head. I tried to kick my feet but the Velcro straps held firmly. Like Roz, I was very uneasy on my feet when I stood up off the bench and needed to hold onto a table for a few minutes. After I sat down, I shook for about 5 minutes. I haven’t looked at my backside but I am sure I have lines from the cane, red spots from the tawse and a bruise or three from the hairbrush. But I deserved everything I got which was the hardest punishment I have ever received. 

Sage: At the time I have the rapid breathing, accelerated heart rate etc. and more of my natural lubrication that I had ever thought possible.

Overall: I sleep more soundly. Am calmer, which is probably related to a decrease in stress hormones. Jillian Keenan on Youtube mentioned the "white noise" of frustration disappearing, once one is no longer frustrated. That's happened to me.

I used to have a nervous stomach and trouble digesting food. Now I have a calm stomach and may have to start watching my diet so I don't gain too much weight. Which isn't a problem, because I can just eat when hungry. I don't need to overeat to deal with stress when we have the famous Vermont Country Store stress releaser AKA bath brush AKA pervertible.

My eyes and skin have lit up, my partner says. He looks more lit up too. Maybe not from spanking me, as he's vanilla & it's just foreplay to him. But he's getting more sex and more Ben & Jerry's (as Hermione so discreetly refers to it) now that we do more "foreplay." He's happy.

I do feel the itching and sunburn like sensation. But I can't have marks. My partner would have a cow if he left marks on me. I'm careful which implements I buy. And I keep checking my butt every 30 minutes or so after he spanks me. As soon as the redness disappears, I show him and announce "See. I'm fine. You didn't injure me. It was just the blood rising to the surface temporarily."

I can't take credit for Ben & Jerry's but I love it!

Jack: My wife/mommy insures my bottom is very, very warm, stinging, and a nice shade of red. I squirm and kick a lot as the spanking takes effect. I feel relieved, hard to explain, but my wife says my make up needs a spanking, and not just a playful spanking.

Luvinhub: For me I would agree with the majority of everyone posted, so far; heavier breathing, faster heart rate, and sweating. Often as the spanking gets intense I thrash about trying to avoid being spanked in the same area. I often have an erection or semi-erection before I am punished, that changes drastically as I completely lose my erection and shrivel to very small. The last portion is my body relaxes and accepts the punishment once I fully submit to the punishment and stop fighting it.

Rosco: It’s oddly relaxing - or maybe that’s not so odd.

Irene will often paddle or whip me with substantial intensity, then leave the room for twenty minutes or even up to an hour. Sometimes I’ll be tied up. As she leaves, Irene will tell me she’ll be back and not to move and to behave.

I’ll often take a wonderfully relaxing nap, then be ready for more of whatever when she returns.

Ronnie: Like others, rapid heart rate, raised body temperature, flushed face and sometimes a little shaky after.

Hermione: What Ronnie said.

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