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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 25

Do you have any positions that are a hard "No"?

Anon: Nope. No limit on position or safe. There are some I would prefer not be in, but wife's decision not mine.

Sage: It's not a hard limit. But we do almost nothing else except that OTK position where my partner sits at the head of the bed and my head and legs are comfortable and supported--and my butt is raised over a pillow that's on his lap. We don't do other positions much, except wheelbarrow a little bit, with my head supported on a pillow on the bed between his calves. We've tried other positions, but that OTK one where I am spread out on the bed feels best. Since this is all foreplay to my dear vanilla partner, he does it the way I am most comfortable. And I have a totally hedonistic attitude toward spanking. 

Oh, it's not just the comfort for arms and legs here that makes this {OTK at the head of the bed} position luxurious. It's the skin on skin contact for both of us, since we wear no clothes when he spanks me.  

Something I don't understand. In spanking story blogs, it sounds like punishment and even funishment spanking people are really into embarrassment and humiliation as part of the punishment. So if a position is embarrassing, wouldn't you do it more? I don't get embarrassed by any position myself. I either feel comfy or not.

Roz: No hard limits as such, in general we stick to a few favourites. However there are a few I don't think I would like, such as the diaper position (which we have used on the rare occasion).

Bonnie: Not really, but sort of. My hard limits are positions that make my back or knees hurt. That's a bad kind of pain.

Embarrassment is never a concern for Randy. He takes great glee in caning me in the diaper position or paddling me while bent over. He knows this is not what I like and that it always hurts intensely. But at our house, this is how spankings work.

Luvinhub: When my wife was punishing me there was no limits. We did not have many positions that were used; the go to as Sage mentioned was on the bed over her lap, I think that was for both of our comfort as well as the intimacy of our bodies touching. Other positions was bent over the bed standing when she had pulled out a wooden spoon in the kitchen. If she had decided on any other position I would have obediently gotten into that position. 

Jack: My wife/mommy from the first spanking, over her lap is the only way I'm spanked. She feels it adds to the spanking, it makes the one getting the spanking to have no control and feel like a child. Also over her lap there is no way I can escape the spanking, I'm totally under her control and that insures that the spanking last as long as she feels needed and I learn to be a good little boy. 

Wendel: We want to be comfy before getting our butts whacked repeatedly with a paddle or belt, so we stick to pretty basic positions. 

Prefectdt: Not so much hard limits, but more preferences not to, are diaper and lunge. Mostly because you have to concentrate so much on holding these positions that you cannot enjoy the spanking.

Only real hard limit, position wise, is kneeling on hard surfaces. This is because I have had three operations on one knee and do not want to risk having any more.

Welcome back, dear friend!

Rosco: Irene likes room to take a full swing with a paddle, crop, whip, strap or switch, so we never do OTK.

I like to be comfortable so I can appreciate the spanking. I recently bought a “pouf” that I can kneel on while putting my chest on the bed. It works pretty well.

Irene sometimes instructs me to spread my legs which leaves my balls in a more vulnerable position. She likes to smack those as well, but does so more gently. But if a stroke intended for my bottom misses it can really hurt - and detract from the fun of it all.

Irene also likes to tie me up in different ways. As long as it doesn’t stress my back or neck, it’s all fun. She’s promised me a spanking today.

KDPierre: Depending on the circumstances I don't think so. I mean unless some position is downright ridiculous, which then would be pretty unlikely to surface, it doesn't seem too receptive to have a Top order a position and then say, "Nah, I don't like that one."

But the point is pretty moot in that we have our usual ones that seem best suited to certain situations and we tend towards just using what works. As for rejecting a position based solely on its embarrassment factor? Um...really? Is that actually a thing? LOL

Mark: We don't have hard limits but we definitely have preferred positions depending upon what implement is being used. I like being paddled over my wife's knee (especially with her holding my wrist behind my back) mostly because of the contact. She however prefers to have me over a bolster where she can get a better swing - part of why it's not my preference!
As per other's comments, I'm also not really embarrassed so that's not a factor. I like wheelbarrow (smaller swing and body contact) but my wife didn't take to it. We've never tried diaper.

Hermione: I love the idea of OTK with Ron sitting on a chair and me draped over his lap, but in reality, it's not at all comfortable. I would gladly submit to any position Ron chooses, but he's happy to stick to the tried and true one with me bent over the end of the bed. I wouldn't care for being made to kneel as my knees aren't padded or very bendable any more.

That was a wild ride! And thank you to Sage Blum, who has given me an idea for next week's question. See you then!

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Erica Scott said...

Late to the party, but my two are diaper and wheelbarrow. Uncomfortable and humiliating. Nope nope nope.