Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guess the Implement - the Reveal

The mystery implement from the last post is a keychain! It's far too small to make any real impact on a bare bottom, but it's a nice reminder of things to come.

Thank you for your guesses. I thought most people would think it was a wooden spoon, but it does look like a shoehorn.

From Hermione's Heart


Florida Dom said...

Never would have guessed it is a keychain but I bet every time you use your keys, it reminds you of good things to come.


Cookie Crawford said...

LoL yeah I never would have guessed keychain either. Thanks for the fun though in trying to guess.

AngelBrat said...

I love it! Where did you get it?

ronnie said...

You were right Hermione it was a difficult one to guess.

I love your "Guess the Implement" posts.


Hermione said...

FD - You hit the nail on the head.

Cookie - Thanks for playing.

Angelbrat - It came from a store that sells camping, hiking and other outdoor equipment.

Ronnie - I'm so glad you like it. I have something fun lined up for next month.


AngelBrat said...

Thanks, Hermione - it's adorable, and I'll be on the lookout for one!

redxxx said...

just another item to keep the mind young and active with anticipation