Monday, February 1, 2010

Complete the Caption

This photo from the fifties has a clever caption, but some of the words are missing.

Fill in the blanks with whatever strikes your fancy. Does it look like someone is about to be spanked? If so, who? Have fun with this!

From Hermione's Heart


Sara said...

I don't know for sure, but with the sleeves rolled up, the determined look on his what's SHE so happy about?

Love4her said...

Gosh, a new boyfriend that hangs drapes, I wonder how he will look over her lap with his pants down at the ladies card club tonight.

Michael M said...

Gosh, I could really spank her for choosing these impossible curtains.
She must have known they would be the devil to hang. Why didn't the man in her life tell her to economise and stick to a shutter.
I wonder if she would take a spanking if I told her there was no charge for the extra fitting time?

Jay Walker said...

him : Gosh darling, I really can't decided whether to spank you with the curtians open or closed.

Her : Whatever you think best dear, just please throw those dreadful things out afterwards.

Hi mione, hope you, Ron and the minagery are well.
hugs jay

ronnie said...

Couldn't make my mind up which one :)

Gosh he looks so manly standing there but wait until he realises what I have in mind for him later, Gloria will take much delight in taking him over her lap.

Gosh at last man who has the same taste in curtains as me and doesn't mind hanging them, how jolly. I know Betty will like him and think 5 strokes with her haribrush over her lap would be a just reward.


Hermione said...

Sara - It might be because she wants a spanking.

Love4her - That's a delightful image.

Michael - Your offer sounds like a real bargain!

Jay - I agree, toss the drapery. And we are all just fine - thanks for asking.

Ronnie - I love them both.

Thanks, everyone, for some terrific captions.


Dave said...

"Gosh, now he thinks he can dance.
If only he'd shut up already
and spank my ass."