Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dead Butt Syndrome

Recently I read an article about the sorts of injuries you can get if you're a dedicated runner. Each injury had a specific name, and here they are:

Overtraining Syndrome
Runner's Anemia
Snapping Hip
Dead Butt Syndrome

Say what?

That last one is an inflammation of the tendons in the gluteus maximus, caused by having weak glutes. Runners who don't cross-train are prone to it.

The symptoms are a sharp pain in the hip, and discomfort sitting for long periods.

The cure is to cut back on running and do strengthening exercises. Deep tissue massage is recommended to break up the scar tissue and increase blood flow to the buttocks.

That's very intriguing, since the syndrome sounds very much like the after-effects of a good spanking. My butt is usually numb, and I experience the same symptoms.

As for the cure, "deep tissue massage" is probably a euphemism for spanking.

Where are my Nikes?
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

I am a dedicated runner, 50 plus miles per week. Thanks for pointing out the benefits of spanking as a cross training method. Running Times magazine has never mentioned it, but it makes sense to me.:)
PS I think the Province of Quebec is beautiful and love the French language that is spoken there. I did a scene en Francais this weekend.

Bonnie said...

Hi Hermione,

"increase blood flow to the buttocks..." Yep, we know all about that sort of therapy. :)


Red said...

deep tissue massage... - translation- strong spanking with wooden implement like a bath brush..
Definitely benefits the recipient. LOL

ronnie said...

LOL. I often get the dead butt feeling and discomfort while sitting as well but not from running.

First time I've heard of the 'Dead Butt Syndrome' to do with running.


Hermione said...

Joey - Maybe Running Times should get with the times :)

Bonnie - We do indeed!

Red - Yes, great circulatory activity.

Ronnie - I never knew about it either. Not something you'd thing of when running.


Raven Red said...

"Run Hermione, run?" I am rather built for comfort more than for speed, so I think I will fake the numb bum, and just fetch whatever is required for deep massage...(GRIN)


Raven word verification is "aisbetr"??

Dave Wolfe said...

"Dead Butt Syndrome," I saw that title on a movie marquee!

CedenoGems said...

OH that's funny! I'm just pleased to know that now I can call myself a runner, without actually being one. LOL

spankedbywife said...

I thought it was called 'Leather Butt'.

Hermione said...

Raven - That sounds like more fun than running!

Dave - No way! Was it a horror film, or XXX?

Cedeno - Who needs all that sweaty exertion?

SbW - That's what you get from too much paddling.