Sunday, April 3, 2011

You Completed the Caption

Daisychain: "When you said you were promoting me from being the back end of the pantomime donkey, this is NOT what I thought you meant..."

Ronnie: The pony girls have their annual outing.

Sixofthebest: The lady driving the cart, says to the two naughty ladies, pulling the cart. "I want no 'horsing' around up front. Do you here me you two 'naughty whipper-snappers'.

Red: Now I understand the Chubby Checker song that started: " It's PONY TIME, get up" lovely kink...

Velvet: Wrong costumes girls. Get those clothes off now!

Prefectdt: The article in the 1911 newspaper "The Heartbridge Standard" carried the following headline.

Mistress Goodbody, proprietor of The House of Questionable Delights (No. 12 Cherry Tree Road), finds a solution to the great pony shortage dilemma.

Tender Bottomed Girl: I'll be glad when we get the pony out of layaway. :)

Bonnie: "Now you know why we wear these bustles."

Michael: Ladies Penelope Rhys-Jones and Felicia Gladstone lost their bet to Dame Patricia Forsythe and Lady Vivian Covington-Smythe so were now paying off with a weekend of servitude. The pony play wasn't too bad but tonight at the grand ball they were to serve the guests, their friends, while wearing nothing but split-back drawers. Lesson learned. Never again would they wager on whose husband could use the cane the hardest.

Devlin O'Neill: "Do not regard me thusly! Until someone develops a horse that will not do its business right in front of me, I shall convey myself through the streets in this wise, thank you very much."

Hermione: When the two ladies were invited to try the new "horseless carriage", little did they know what was in store for them.

Thanks for joining me this weekend. See you next time for something a little more exposed.

From Hermione's Heart

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