Sunday, April 24, 2011

You Completed the Caption

This was the complete caption in the original cartoon panel, but here's how you completed the thought bubble:

Our Bottoms Burn: I never felt that Canadians were lacking in any way or for anything. But, I have changed my mind. It's a darn shame your cartoon people have so little ink that they can not finish their drawings.

Michael: "This is one sure way to get spanked, cutting class. I hope Dean Frobisher passes by soon on her regular morning walk."

Joey: "This is one sure way for you to be spanked; I will tell the Headmaster you missed class or you can get over my knee right now."

Prefectdt: "This is one sure way to get the attention of those guys who like their librarians STRICT!"

Red: This is one sure way for me to hide, but will the glasses still make people think that I am Clark Kent. Lois did threaten to spank me the next time she saw me.

James: I think she's thinking "he's late again", and I feel her thoughts are when he get here, he's going over my knee, and I won't stop until he gets the message.

Ronnie: "This is one sure way to spot Mary Jayne sneaking out of the school grounds; I'll make sure Mrs Forsythe finds out and then have pleasure of seeing her caned in front of the whole school in assembly tomorrow".

Sixofthebest: Hermione is reading an interesting 'galloping' spanking story, instead of concentrating on what to cook for her husband's meal tonight. So she is thinking "I'm sure it will be a 'hot rump steak'. A 'knickers down' rump steak. Mine to be exact".

Kingspan: "This is one sure way to get a vanilla husband to swat my behind. After all, he couldn't refuse a request to knock the dust off the back of my skirt when I sat on a dirty bench. Ooooh, I hope he tells me I'm dirty..."

CedenoGems: This is one sure way to get the naughty librarian to spank you for not turning in this book.

Dave: "This is one sure way to test out my spiffy new glasses, you see, and sit on this bench all day and do absolutely nothing."

I hope everyone is enjoying the long Easter weekend. See you next time for another eloquent picture that needs your finishing touch.

From Hermione's Heart

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Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--Dang, I actually would have been pretty close! My caption would have been, "This is one sure way to stop men from hitting on me so I can read my book in peace! Everyone knows, 'Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses!'"