Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #69

Welcome back, one and all, to another weekend spanko brunch. Our question this week is one I borrowed from Ronnie's list of questions in her response to being given the well-deserved Real Neat Blog Award.

If you had to choose one spanking that you have experienced and could repeat, which one would it be?

Please leave your response as a comment. After everyone has had a chance to participate, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Early in our experimentation with spanking as discipline, my wife called me home from the office for a spanking. 10 years later, I still remember the nervousness on the drive home, and the warm, very sore bottom on the return trip.

Roz said...

Great question! I have a vanilla collar ( necklace ) and we had a little ceremony when he put it on me. It would have to be the spanking I received as part of the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Mine would be the first time we used the cane, the welts left were wonderful, prior to that the marks never persisted beyond an hour or two.

PK said...

Not long after I came out we were alone at the house when he mentioned that I seemed entirely too interested in discipline and he was going to let me see what it would really be like. He bent me over the arm of the sofa and used his belt for the first time. Oh wow! He didn't spank long, but it was intense. We were soon making passionate love on the living room floor! The belt left several bruises and it also left a smile on my face that stayed longer than the bruises.

Ni Na said...

Hi Hermione, I think my absolute favourite was last Christmas, my first spanking for almost a year. It was a soft restart into dd and felt marvelous.



Baxter said...

There have been many, but the hard paddling last week, once in the morning and then a followup in the evening, left me with a very sore bottom. Overall, it helped me clear my head of junk and let me focus. That kind of spanking I will remember a long time.


Sir Wendel Jones said...

I would re-live the first time she spanked me before leaving for a girl’s night out. She was getting ready just as normal and I went about my business just as normal. When she came out of the shower I was called into our room. She stood in the room wearing only a towel and holding the paddle. I was informed that I would be receiving a spanking which was meant to make me behave while she as gone. I was told to drop my pants and bend over the edge of the bed. As soon as I bent over she dropped her towel. She stepped up behind me completely naked and proceeded to paddle my bottom. When it was over my bottom was throbbing and burning. I thought of her all evening especially when trying to sit down.

Dr. Ken said...

There have been a few that would be worth repeating, but if I could only choose one, it would have to be any spanking that I gave to the lady I loved dearly and who passed away a little more than 14 years ago

Anonymous said...

I love it when I get a real long hard spanking, have tender aftercare ;} and then spanked again.

ronnie said...

There are many that I would like to be repeated but I think my favourite was the time P spanked me with roses (stems), different and erotic spanking.

Thanks for the mention Hermione.


Anonymous said...

WOW! a very good question. I've had so many wonderful spankings it's hard to pick one as a favorite. I think it would be the one where we used the spanking bench I made for her. She enjoyed it so much she must have spanked me for almost an hour left me red and sore. Then about 2 hours later had me over the bench for another spanking. I felt that one for a few days.

Anonymous said...

It would be the first time that D spanked me, but that can never be repeated. It was during our honeymoon, and we had tried most things ! I was lying on our bed
face down, when D tossed up my flimsy nightie, and patted my upthrust bottom. I guessed what was coming; I had been given playful spankings by former boy friends, but never on my bare bottom."Spank your naughty wife", I whispered. He did, fast and not too hard, until I was tingling happily. He stopped. "Go on, and harder than that" I pleaded. He did just that, and when he stopped again, I was really smarting, my bottom I am sure bright red, and I was very aroused. He took my vigourously from behind. That day can never be repeated S,