Saturday, April 11, 2015

You Completed the Caption

What captions were my readers inspired to produce for this picture? Read on:

Simon: This is what happens to trolls who try sunbathing.

Fred Blogs: Stoned again!

Kingspan: The exercise video promised rock hard buns, but she never expected it to be quite so literal.

Nina: A few swats on the bum and her stony attitude would disappear again.

sub hub: Want to paddle my Buns of Rock?

Jon: I always said she had a heart of stone but..."lady parts" of stone?

Is this, perhaps a English beach, where they weigh their women by the stone?

I think my humor is sinking like a ...

Baxter: I am imagining that there is a note stuck in the crack (or where the crack should be ) telling the lucky guy that if he wants a real voluptuous woman that resembles this model, then turn around 180 degrees and she will be up in the dunes, waiting for a spanking and other fun stuff.

A. Lurker:  Stoned again!

Punished by the White Witch of Narnia

This is what happens when you do a spanking scene with Methuselah.

Spanking rocks!

Leigh: Stay in the sun too long and you bake.

Sir Wendel: Do these stones make my butt look fat?

Ronnie: One look and I was turned to stone.

ricky: Yon maiden doth think too much, methinks.

Hermione: Marion realized too late that she shouldn't have looked at Medusa while sunbathing.
From Hermione's Heart

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