Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #70

It's the weekend, and that means it's time for another spanko brunch. Recently I've been thinking about what a diverse community we are. We all derive different kinds of satisfaction from spanking, and we all spank for our own personal reasons. So I thought it would be interesting to compare notes.

What are the three main benefits that you get out of spanking?

Whether you are a spanker, a spankee, or both, I invite you to reply by leaving a comment. Once everyone has spoken I will publish a summary of our discussion.

From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

Interesting question, Hermione. Spanking satisfies an erotic need of mine as whenever I am looking at photos, reading stories or told I am getting a spanking, I get very aroused as well as when I am told to assume the normal over the pile of pillows position with my bare bottom up. The second need is anticipating the start of the spanking and then the actual spanking which can be painful. However, the third need is the enjoyable afterglow of a very red bottom as well as residual pain for a few days. Those are my needs and my wife certainly helps me meet those needs that are also wants.

mouse said...

Oh fantastic question Hermione, and one that mouse has been mulling over a lot recently. For mouse it leaves her more vulnerable to Omega, which in turn makes her open to him and more honest. It also builds her confidence in an odd way. It settles her mind and the usual worries she has don't seem so insurmountable. That leads her to tell Omega more about the thoughts rattling around in her head, as opposed to assuming he doesn't need (or want) to know.


Autumn said...

1. Erotic satisfaction--it's pretty much the only thing that turns me on...I've learned to accept that as a benefit in my life. I am who I am :)

2. It has deepened the connection between my husband and me--I have never felt more taken care of than when he's spanking me--for discipline, fun, or stress relief. And, he has felt that connection, as well, that we didn't get with more "vanilla" activities.

3. Blogging has been a very cool side effect of spanking, actually. I discovered blogs a really long time ago (when I was...ahem...underage). It was a relief to know that there were people like me in the world. And, when I discovered I really enjoyed writing as a hobby, I knew the exact blog I wanted to start!

Anonymous said...

Super question Hermione. For me the whole spanking process is erotic no matter if the spanking is punishment, maintenance or play. Being told a spanking is in order starts the erotic process. Then I get out the implements looking each over and thinking how each will feel. Then showering and presenting myself in panties to her telling her I'm ready to accept a spanking. The panties are lowered (by her or me) and I'm told the position. Then assuming the position and waiting for the first of many spanks to land. What can I say I love it when she spanks me.

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

Three benefits? I only get to choose three? Listing ten or twenty would be so much easier.

(1) At the top of the list has to be the connectedness that Randy and feel during and after a spanking. A good hard spanking reinforces and renews the bond between us as partners and lovers. I am never more open to him physically and emotionally than I am in those moments.

(2) Next, I think, is the afterglow I feel for hours and sometimes even days afterward. I am happy, energetic, and in love. That twinge I notice each time I sit makes me smile.

(3) Finally, there is this incredible community that coalesced around this topic. If we weren't spankos, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet so many smart, interesting, caring people.

Pecan nutjo said...

I'm a switch, so..

As a spankee -

Discipline. My wife spanks me for real "issues", such as temper flares, and the thought of previous sessions over her knees is shameful enough to sometimes remind me of proper attitude.

Guilt relief. If I get punished for a real issue, I feel relieved afterwards.

Eroticism. I feel strangely excited by spanking and other forms of discipline or "embarrassing" acts. In fact, few of our spankings are purely for real problems, most are for play, entirely or partly.

As a spanker -

Revenge? If my wife has been unpleasant or cheeky, I find it strangely pleasant to chastise her.

Eroticism. The same in reverse.

Anonymous said...

We're a couple in a mutual DD relationship. The three main things we get out of it are:

1. Punishment spanking has eliminated most petty disagreements from our relationship. We argue less and appreciate each other more.

2. It's incredibly kinky. Although we don't like punishment spankings (they wouldn't be punishments otherwise) we love the idea that we receive them.

3. It gives us something interesting to blog about. (We've just started.)

ricky said...

Consensual physical, emotional, and spiritual contact = je ne sais quoi....

Katie said...

Promotes connection- gives a reason to come together on a regular basis; loving, listening and paying attention to the feelings of the other. Allows each to feel valued and cared for in and out of the bedroom.

Provides a loving vehicle by which emotions are released- laughing to crying, depending on the type- whether fun, sexy, other- or all. Overall good feeling after.

Growth of intimacy- Promotes the sharing and giving to the other of oneself inside and out.

I'm still thinking but this is a start. Great topic! Thanks Hermione! :) Many hugs,

<3 Katie