Monday, November 28, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 27

Our discussion on asking for more produced a variety of responses.

Sir Wendel: If the Misses wants a longer spanking then she will usually question the length. “That’s it?” or “I don’t think I’ve learned my lesson.” are her favorite comments.

Anon: Its mostly non-verbal . . raising her lovely ass toward me as I spank her and or making noises that tell me to really keep it up or even increase the pace. What follows is the final proof of her pleasure as well as mine.

Roz: I have on the odd occasion after a spanking said that it didn't get me where I want to be. It has sometimes resulted in a do - over but not always.

peter: When we first began my wife said she was going to spank me until.... until to her meant then
and still means today until she sees tears! She has never gone back on that.

Michael M: My Mistress decides when I have had she wants to give me. No requests permitted.

Wilma: When we first started Dd years ago, Barney (in addition to the rare punishment, as I am such an would give me a reset spanking about once a week. During those times he would ask me how I was, or we would talk about the effectiveness after. I suppose that 'trained' him to see what my body language was telling him. He isn't always perfect at is, as we all change depending on the circumstances, but he is pretty good about it 4 years later.

Often he will ask me questions near the end if he is unsure~ not questions about the spanking, but about me. Depending on my tone he decides if he is going to continue or not. In a way I suppose you could say I am allowed to ask because of the responses I give. There are times where he flat out tells me my body physically cannot take anymore regardless of where my mind is at however.

On the flip side, there have been times, (during a reset) where I have asked him to stop. Often it is due to the fact I am in a better place, and I am afraid if he switches implements I will become frustrated/angry and he will have to spank through those phases again, and I suspect he will stop due to physical limitations before I return to the better spot.

Bogey: Asking for more, or less, is common. She will wiggle it around to let me know she wants more. I really like it when she says something like Is that all you've got? Other times, she will tell me she is having a sensitive day.

Downunder Don: After I think she has received a sound spanking I always ask..."Is that enough" and usually it is, but sometimes "just a few more" or a specific weapon request squeaks out.

KB: I'm the spankee and when I'm not ready for it to be over I'll usually make some snide comment about her not eating her wheaties that morning, or is her arm tired or about her having a noodle arm. Works like a charm!!! I have also on some occasions just come out and asked for more.

Yorkie: I am always the one who asks my wife for a spanking and I say what implements and how hard, although her normal spanks are quite hard. She's not into it at all but still does it for me (she is definitely a keeper) and I love her for it.

Ronnie: Yes I can ask for a longer spanking though I don't always get them. Sometimes I just raise and wriggle my bottom and P knows I want more.

Hermione: At one time I felt the spankings weren't long enough, but I rarely asked, because I am not the one on charge. But over time, Ron seemed to understand that he could go on as long as he wanted and I wouldn't complain. Nowadays I never have to ask for more. I get all I need and then some!

From Hermione's Heart

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