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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 6

Wow! This week's topic produced the highest number of responses ever seen in here for a spanko brunch.  So many of you have very clear opinions on canes.

Dan: Hi Hermione. We have tried canes several times, and we are either doing something wrong, or aren't using the right cane. It just doesn't seem to hurt as much as other implements, and since we use spankings for disciplinary purposes, a certain level of intensity is important. My wife also feels can is harder to control. It's too bad, because there certainly is something iconic about the cane as a disciplinary instrument.

abby: Master has that I gave Him. I have a love/hate relationship with them. I prefer not to know ahead of time that a cane will be His implement of choice...but He just can't resist telling me. On a well warmed bottom, it is a love the first implement used...not so much. If I am going to be away a caning often sends me off, since the stripes tend to last longer than other spankings.

kdpierre: A long time ago I read a very detailed how-to on the proper delivery of a cane-stroke. The writer seemed very knowledgeable and the technique made a lot of sense in terms of how the implement can be so devastating. Since then I have NEVER seen ANYONE employ this technique and anything online shows people using the cane no differently than just "hitting someone with a stick".

Personally, I have not been formally "caned" but we do have a "switch" made by A&G that is called a "White Lightnin'" and it is absolutely cane-like and nasty. It leaves the double-track welts a cane does, but is MUCH easier to wield.

Jan: Hi Hermione, we do have a couple, I am not particularly fond of them, I reckon they can be very nasty. :(

missy: I love the cane. We have two that Sir uses - one that we bought and one that he made from himself. He uses them often with a tapping motion and builds up slowly. He has some firmer whacks in there too but I find that the steady rhythm of his cane just seems to send me off. I find it therapeutic too as it just slowly undoes me and I feel myself drifting off somewhere else. I think because he warms my skin first, I am able to take more and more as the endorphines are released so it is something that I really enjoy. He combines the hard hits with the gentler ones and that seems to work for me.

Welcome, missy!

Hislordship: Hello Hermione. We introduced the use of the cane into our D/s relationship some time ago. It has allowed us to explore greater depths of our dynamic through pain and relaxation. My sub has a high pain threshold, however, even light tapping can induce a sense of calm after a stressful day. For me, it give me an extension to my hand that allows me another aspect of control over her.
The use of the cane is not about beating the life out of the sub, it's more of a connection and communication tool. Does she get struck hard? Yes of course, however, she needs to know I'm aware of her limits, her desires and that I'm in control.

Welcome, Hislordship!

Wilma: We had two, but the rattan one broke. That leaves the *lovely* lexan. I am not a fan! I suppose it is fine if it has been used later on in a spanking. However, Barney only uses the cane for punishments, and with a mission in mind. I will add that palms and soles are NOT an area I enjoy experiencing the 'burn' either!

I must suggest to Barney this new idea of using it lightly and the 'tapping' business!

Yorkie: Oh Hermione! Canes! Canes! They fascinate me so. I have a Cane-iac 18" ever ready and my wife wields it to perfection. I have expressed to her how I would like a full length version for her to use on me.
Perhaps when money is not so tight...

Roz: I too have a love/hate relationship with the cane depending on how it is used. I can find it too intense, but when used more lightly, different story lol

Simon: I love the cane, I love the sibilant sound it makes when in use and the biting thwack when it hits bare flesh. The pain of a properly administered cane stroke is unlike that of any other implement, intense and biting and it leaves lovely marks on the bottom. That said it has to be used properly, to many people just swing away using too much force and this causes their aim to be out which can be extremely painful as the cane can strike thighs, bones and sometimes even more sensitive areas.My Mistress is expert in its use and we nearly always finish a punishment session with the cane leaving me with a very sore and welted behind.

Leigh: I was gifted with a cane by a friend, who received it from another friend who is a great lover of this particular instrument. It has been tried, in a fun way, and I have to admit it is not awful. I'm not sure I would be enamored of it should it ever be used for discipline and the good news is, it's not a worry, but for now it hangs in the closet gathering dust along with other weapons of 'arse' destruction.

Loki Darksong: I love Canes! I enjoy using them as well as having them used on me. There are several of various sizes within my collection. Three of them are Dragons. And I have my eyes set on two types to purchase from Cane-Iac in the near future.

Bonnie: My relationship with the cane continues to evolve. In my youth, I read about canings for punishment, but never gave it much thought because they weren't part of our culture here in the US.

At the dawn of the internet, I visited spanking-oriented Usenet groups where I discovered pictures of people being spanked. Among them were sets from Eastern Europe where unfortunate young women were savagely beaten bloody with canes. I wanted no part of that! For years, canes were a hard limit for me.

As time progressed, I softened my views somewhat as I met sensible women who seemed very much like me and who clearly benefited from their canings. Eventually, we purchased a short, thin, flexible cane that Randy applies with a rapid, flicking kind of motion. It seems mild at first, but progressively builds into a very effective spanking.

Finally, last year, I agreed to submit to the real article. Yes, we bought a long rattan punishment cane. Curiosity got the best of me, along with a passion for sensual exploration. Having felt its bite several times now, I can attest that the punishment cane's reputation is well earned. It's painful, especially on my bare skin. Had I been a British schoolgirl back in the day, I would have been a model student.

However, when I'm in the right frame of mind, a hard caning is just what I need. Randy sometimes likes to lay down stripes over fresh paddle burns. He combines sensations like an OTK paddle spanking with a bent over caning and corner time, presumably to maximize the intensity of the experience for me. When he finishes, I feel small and humble and submissive. The next morning, I still feel sore, but no longer stressed or overwhelmed.

I enjoy rubbing my fingers over the raised welts that the big cane produces. It's kind of a tactile reinforcement. I think, "Wow, I really got it good." And good it was. I have developed a healthy respect for the cane, but I fear it no longer.

Minelle: Hi, We've never tried a cane, not sure I want to experiment. However I never say least to this type of thing! lol

Michael M: I had my first experience with the cane at primary school, on the hand and then on the bottom. Then there were more serious encounters at senior school and at home. I have had the cane many times in my FLR marriage. I enjoy the anticipation waiting for a caning and then the caning proper and I particularly savour the aftermath when you can look at the marks and be satisfied that you took your punishment as well as could be expected. I would love to go to a Mistress for a serious caning but that is unlikely to happen so I will just enjoy what my wife dishes out. Zip, zip.

Ronnie: I love the cane (that wasn't always the case) We have 5 canes. P cut one down for OTK and when he uses it in a tapping motion it can send me over the edge.

I have a healthy respect for the cane but has to be used properly and Simon's right, when it's administered correctly, a cane stroke is unlike that of any other implement.

KB: I used to be terrified of the cane. I had no personal experience with it, but for some reason I was terrified. Then she started threatening me with it in jest. I knew I had the final say. I had a friend tell me just to make sure I trusted the person and that they knew what they were going. Finally I told her I was willingly to try it but to just not tell me before because I was afraid I would back out and say no. Turns out the night she decided to try it she left it in her car and had to go get it. She didn't tell me what she was getting, just that she was getting someyhing. I of course knew right away what she was getting and had to really fight myself to not say no. But I held in there and averted it. It was really not so bad. I think that night she just caned me over my panties and then she didn't use it again for months. Then a couple of months ago she made up a game and one if the implements was a cane. She told me I could choose an alternative implement if I wanted but I decided to be brave. It wasn't so bad. I wouldn't say I love it yet but I was oddly disappointed when did forgot it the last time we played. So I guess it's growing on me.

Sir Wendel: Don’t have actual canes. We did try long sticks from trees once when we were hiking. We had sore bottoms for the rest of the day and the marks lasted a few days. It was ok but not something I would want often.

Hermione: We have a short Senior cane from Cane-iac meant for otk use, and as kdpierre said, it feels like being hit with a wooden dowel. Quite thuddy and rather painful, but probably nothing like a real rattan school cane. It isn't my implement of choice, as I much prefer leather.

Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic participation! And to all my American readers, please don't forget to vote!
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