Monday, November 14, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for November 13

How did you express your interest in spanking as a child?

Fred: I was probably about twelve years old, and my sister would have been nearly fourteen.
I was given a Meccano set as a birthday gift. I didn't think much of it as a present! It gathered dust for a while until I realised that I could make a spanking machine with it. The machine went through several incarnations before I had one that actually worked. My sister was delighted and she invented ever more complex scenarios where the dolls and teddy bears would have to be punished in the machine.
I don't recall the exact moment I was interested in spanking, but my sister was always telling her dolls off being naughty and spanking then. This was not learned behaviour, we were never spanked by our parents.

Michael M: No spanking games that I can remember, although quite a few spankings as discipline at home and at school.

PK: I tried to casually bring spanking into 'playing house' and certain scenes like that. But my friends declined with strange looks to me and that solidified my need to keep my spanking interest to myself.

Minelle: Oh boy yes! My barbies were spanked..... I drew pictures to create scenarios as well.

A.J.: A girl, a classmate, loved playing a sort of 'tag' where if you could tag one if the girls you got to spank them, and I was invited to be one of the chasers. Sometimes at recess; other times after school. I don't know if I had the spanking kink at that early an age but I had a fair number of my female classmates otk! Play stuff. Looking back on that some years later, I'm convinced the girl who devised that game - and loved to play it - was definitely a spanko. Cute too. I wonder where she is now....?

Baxter: I was not spanked as a child, but at around 11 or 12, I became aware of spanking. One girl in grade school said her bottom was still warm from a spanking a few days back and that got my interest going. And when my parents were outside or away, I would take a paddle and spank myself and of course that got me very spankofied and it led to looking at porn, this was in the 60s before anyone even thought about internet or anything else and was drawn to the spanking stories and pictures

Nena: I remember my Barbies got spanked quite often, I even colored their bottoms with a red pencil after the spanking before they were send to the corner. I did fantasize about punishments a lot, not just spanking, but also writing lines, corner time, being send to bed, being tied up.

I tried to incorporate punishments into playing house, I preferred to be the one being punished (still am ;) ), but I could be really dominant if my role asked for it, I even made a friend cry once because I was being so harsh. I stopped immediately and apologized, I was just playing after all and it was meant to be fun, but at the same time, I thought she was overreacting, as this was exactly how I would want her to treat me if the roles were reversed. Which she never did btw.

Sir Wendel: I got plenty of spankings from mom as a child so there was no desire to play games. We would peek on each other getting spanked. Mom spanked bare bottom so I enjoyed watching my sisters and I’m sure they enjoyed watching me get it. When I was 13 mom gave me a whipping in my room. She left the room slamming the door behind her when it was over. I stood up but before I could pull my pants up I noticed the girl next door through the side of the window shade. She was changing into a swim suit. Seeing her naked and the pain got me hooked on spanking. I purposely got in trouble a couple more times afterwards just to get the whipping.

Dr. Ken: No games or anything, no. I realized there was something about spanking that I liked when I was elementary school age, but even then something told me it was best kept secret...

Hermione: My dolls were all spanked regularly on their hard plastic bottoms. Teddies were easier on my hands. Whenever I played house or school with friends or cousins, the dolls were in for many spankings, but I can recall only one occasion when a child was spanked. I was playing with two cousins, and the boy, who was younger than his sister and me, said we could spank him, but not too hard. So we did!

Thank you all for those fond memories!
From Hermione's Heart

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