Saturday, November 5, 2016

You Completed the Caption

What are these two intense individuals discussing?

Ronnie: OK let's toss, loser does the ironing.

Simon: Apparently Geoff was not quite as rich as he had claimed before the wedding, thought Sally.

Julie: Oh boy... I'm about to get paddled...

Her: I was just thinking: why couldn't I be married to Rock Hudson instead of you?
Him: That's funny. I was thinking the same thing.

She: The only reason I'm sitting here with this cigarette is that I'm hoping he'll take his belt to me for smoking. But how can I tell him that?
He: The only reason I'm not ironing is that I'm hoping she'll take her hairbrush to me for not doing my chores. But how can I tell her that?

Lucy: They both sat there thinking about how long it was taking the mailman to deliver the new paddle she ordered.

arched one: I don't know why you have to look at magazines like that. When I'd done with this cigarette you better be naked, you are getting one hard spanking.

ricky: If thoughts could be communicated somehow:
He: Why does she smoke so much?
She: It's the only thing that gets me hot. If you want me to stop, well, then it's up to you now, isn't it?
He: Yeah, well, OK, but I'm kind of tired.
She: Men!!!

Him : "hope Julie's spanking was not too bad and she was not injured"
Her : "I'd very much like to be in her place" 

Sir Wendel: 
Together: It’s so hot I don’t even feel like getting a spanking.

js666: OK, babe. We've put this off long enough. Finish the cig and get over my knee.

Michael M: The generator is your department OK, so no you can't damn well spank me for not finishing your shirt yet.

Dr. Ken:
He: "Well, it's not going to iron itself. Perhaps a good spanking would motivate her..."

She: "Will he spank me tonight?"
He: "Will she spank me tonight?"

Thank you everyone for your creative interpretations. Please do stay for brunch. It will be served shortly, and everyone is welcome.
From Hermione's Heart

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