Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Knock, Knock

Some weekends are pretty busy. On Saturday we shopped for groceries, did some housework, and I helped Ron connect an new electrical contraption to the TV. Then on Sunday we had to disconnect the contraption because it didn't work as expected, and get the TV and assorted accessories back into working order before the football game started. We were also planning an early dinner that day because I would be going out for the evening.

While I was putting in another load of laundry, Ron suggested we go upstairs for a while. That sounded like just the kind of break I needed, and much more fun than laundry! We shut the dogs in their crates and headed up to the bedroom.

Once there, we undressed, climbed into bed, and began to make the most of our limited time. We kissed passionately, and Ron's hands slowly crept down my back until they came to rest on my bottom. I held my breath in anticipation as he rubbed and squeezed my cheeks. I didn't have to wait long. The first slap always takes my breath away, and the second wasn't far behind. After giving me a few swats, Ron turned me over onto my tummy so he could do a better job of reddening my bottom. Ouch! It must have been the cold weather that had made my cheeks so sensitive.

Ron stopped and reached for an implement to make the job easier for him. I glanced up to see what he had chosen. It was "Black Beauty", the black leather paddle. He hadn't used it more than a time or two, and I had forgotten what a sting it could induce. I squeaked involuntarily each time it connected, and flinched as I felt it burn. It was so good, I wanted all he could give me.

I suddenly came back to earth as the dogs erupted in a frenzy of barks and yelps. That could only mean one thing. Someone was knocking on the front door.

"Who's that?" Ron grumbled, as he put Black Beauty down.

I had a pretty good idea. We were keeping an eye on our neighbour's house for a few days, and she was due back sometime that day.

"It's Patty. She's come for her key."

"What'll we do?"

"Ignore her and she'll go away." I was anxious to get back to the job at hand.
The dogs eventually quieted down, and Ron remembered he had some unfinished business with my backside. A few hard swats later, the dogs' voices again almost drowned out the sound of leather meeting flesh.

"She's still there. She knows we're here." Ron stopped again. "This isn't going to work." He was clearly uncomfortable and I was a bit flustered. We waited until all was quiet once more, then tried a third time. But we were both listening for other sounds in between swats. In view of our time constraints, we decided to call it a day.

As we dressed, I took a quick peek in the mirror. My tingling bottom was a dark shade of red. Ron fretted about what to do next.

"This is so embarrassing. What do we say to her? I suppose we could've been out for a walk," he suggested.

I'm sure she couldn't hear us, or know what we were doing," I soothed. "A walk without the dogs? I don't think so. But we could have been out. We might have been feeding Martin's cat." As it happened, Martin--our neighbour on the other side--was also away for a few days and we were minding his house as well, so it was quite plausible.

"Okay, that's what we were doing." Ron finished dressing and turned to me. "And I tell you what. Tomorrow morning, before you leave for work..." Was he going to suggest an early morning spanking? Some pre-commute cuddling? I held my breath.

"Take Patty's key over to her house."


"Sure, I'll do that."

"And tell her we were feeding Martin's cat."

"If it comes up. You know, this doesn't happen very often. Do you remember the last time we were interrupted?" I gave Ron a quick hug. "And I want a repeat performance with that black strap before too long. It hurts so much. I like that."
Even though the spanking hadn't been long, my bottom was quite sore, so I couldn't complain. I was performing in a concert that evening, and when I wasn't standing, had only a hard wooden bench to sit on. Each time I sat down, I felt the burn, and couldn't help smiling at our earlier predicament. These things happen.

To make a long story short, the next day all keys were returned, all neighbours were present and accounted for, and we had an early night and finished what we had started the day before. Ron and I both agreed that it was much nicer when we weren't being interrupted.


Tiggs said...

Interruption suck, that's for sure. But sometimes they can cause the mind to come up with even more clever ways of enjoying the spanko side of my life while leaving other folks safely in the dark!

Big hugs and a soft pillow,

Anonymous said...

Dear Hermione,
I think you taught me to only knock once when visiting a neighbor! :)

ronnie said...

I so hate it when that happens. At least you had a lovely evening the next night.

If it's not too personal, what concert were you in, were you singing or playing an instrument?

Hermione said...

Tiggs - Let's hope they did stay in the dark.

Maryann - Good observation. There's a reason the lights are on but no one answers the door.

Ronnie - I was singing, and just one of many.


dwcmike said...

Hermione: Being a football fan, what football was on this past weekend. The Superbowl is this coming weekend, and this past Sunday was withdrawal cold turkey as far as I know... Thus, this fabrication of dates should earn you another longer visit with this leather strap.
tsk tsk...

Em said...

Hermione, I'm totally in line with Ron when it comes to being horribly embarrassed by the possibility of someone accidentally overhearing our play.

I've only had someone knock at the door once, but that was quite enough! I did extricate myself from over Jack's lap, pull on some clothes, and answer the door. It was a nosy neighbor who had "followed his cat" up to my door.

Living in a condo, I am way too close to my neighbors for comfort sometimes! Unfortunately for me, when I protest that Jack is spanking me too loudly I always seem to end up being caned instead :(

Hermione said...

Mike - You're right, Ron confirmed that there was no football last weekend. Who knew? I stand corrected!

Em - Caned instead? Ouch! Sounds like you are caught between a rock and a hard place!


Terpsichore said...

Glad you were able to finish your lovely beginnings...with two little ones we seldom are without interruptions :-)

Hermione said...

Terps - That must be very unnerving. I'll bet you're both good at being quiet while enjoying yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Hermione, you need to introduce the use of a 'do not disturb' sign on the front door of your house. Imagine your neighbours surprise then.

I am pleased you got to finish what you started.