Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking Back

Some months ago I told you about an especially frightening pervertible that lives in our kitchen.

The last time I visited my dentist, he noticed that one of my front teeth, which had been repaired several years ago, seemed to be weakening. "Be careful eating baguettes," he cautioned me. How did he know?

When I got home, I paraphrased the warning and told Ron I wasn't able to eat baguettes any more, so we might as well give away our baguette board.

Too bad, but dental care is expensive.


Paul said...

Hermione, perhaps on this occasion a good thing.
Warm hugs,

Jay Walker said...

Uugghh, I loathe dentists. Evil, medievil torturers.
And I have to go to a new one on wed.
If he even picks up a needle or the buzzy drill I shall shove it straight up his/her nose.
Evil, evil. A pox on all dentists!!!!
Hugs, Jay

K said...

So, how did Ron take the news? Has the baguette board been disposed of or repurposed?

Tiggs said...

Repurposed? Uh, I hope not, for your sake. Kinda scary cause if it isn't needed AT ALL in the kitchen anymore, well, all I can say is heaven help your rear... that darn thing's moving in to the bedroom with ya!


The Headmaster said...

I'm sure you can put the board to some other useful purpose. Or would you like me to suggest one?

Hermione said...

Paul - It's a big relief!

Jay - I have a new one too. It's a little scary.

K - The matter is still under consideration.

Tiggs - You do have a point!

Headmaster - By all means, all suggestions are welcome. But they must involve food.


dwcmike said...

Hermione: forget the baguettes, as they are mostly crust, and switch to Pain Francais, more bread less crust... and thus your bread board can still be useful beyond spankings!
:-) Mike

Hermione said...

Mike - that sounds delicious. I must look for some.

Terpsichore said...

Perhaps not such a loss...