Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Latest Pervertible

Here's my latest treasure from a large thrift store that's right on my way home. There were two, but I didn't want a pair of them--one will be more than enough--so I chose this one. Why? There's a reason, and you'll find out in my next post.

It looks like this paddle might deliver quite a wallop to my backside. But what else can it do? It has a vanilla purpose too, and I think it will come in quite handy, but I'll leave that up to you.

What will is this lovely wooden paddle be used for, besides spanking?

I'll let everyone have time to guess and will then I'll reveal the truth in a day or so.

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

Could it be one of those tools to measure the amount of dry spaghetti? What ever it is for in real life - it makes a lovely pervertible!


Scunge said...

Oh PK beat me to it! Yup that is my guess as well,though I have found their portions a bit off. Hopefully you enjoy the pervertable side of it more!


Kallisto said...

PK beat me too. In guessing a spaghetti servings measurer, that is--lol. Looks like a great paddle!


Anonymous said...

Yep, being married to an Italian...I vote for spaghetti measurer. Looks like an ouchy paddle too!

ronnie said...

A very good choice of paddle Hermione. I've no idea what other use it would have. Everybody thinks a spaghetti measurer, so maybe thats it.
Look forward to your next post.

Dante d'Amore said...



Never knew such a thing existed. That's pretty cool.

I see it as a candle holder.

Tiggs said...

I recognized that as a spaghetti measurer too but just think of the different measures (and marks) you'll be getting with it!!!

Looks like my kind of paddle!



First reaction spaghetti gauge but you could use it to measure the thickness of something that Ron has that you don't, the thickness of his shaving soap stick for example.

Yours (in a cheeky mood)

Mr.C. said...

This is a very close copy of the one found at Quidenham Monastery in Norfolk.

That one was fancier and guilded, but this looks a nice plain example.

This is indeed a pet mouse sizer. If the mouse can pass through the smallest hole then the naughty monk has been underfeeding his furry pet. On the other hand if the mouse cannot pass through the largest hole, it is mousy diet time. The other holes are simply to keep an eye on mouse girth gain, or MGG as it is known.

Ahhh the joys of monastic mouse keeping.

Daisychain said...

Hi, yes, I think its a spaghetti portion measurer...and I know Davey would find a different purpose for it, so I am glad I don't have one! xxx

Anonymous said...

My first thought was to use it for measuring spaghetti, but since everyone already guessed that I'm going to say it's an item used in making either butter or cheese.

Anonymous said...

Go with the spaghetti idea too. Did see a paddle like this... and it was a game with a ball. But, it wasn't spank worthy. Looked like it might break. Doesn't look like yours will break anything... minus perhaps your bottom.

Todd & Suzy

dwcmike said...

Not certain what other purpose it would have except cooking your bottom. Do tell when it is well done.

Serenity Everton said...

We have one in our kitchen. My dad might have made yours, too. lol.

Imagine my surprise, opening it as a gift from my father on Christmas morning.

sparkle :)

Lady Koregan said...

Oh Hermione! I have one of those! Mine is a different shape, and probably smaller than yours, but I love it. It's been dubbed the most evil thing in my collection. Mine is a little over 3/8 thick, cherry wood we think, and the holes are beveled. Honestly I think it's a purpose made paddle meant to mimic a spaghetti portion stick, but it's still nice.

It is my very favorite of all the things I've brought home from my thrift shop.

Good luck with it, if you haven't tried it. Mine is rather severe.

Ms. Betty

grace said...

See I saw this and thought to myself, "That's kind of like a ring sizer, but for penises."

Am I right?


Anonymous said...

Uhmmm.. decoration? LOL

Will made a big paddle like that for me, (ouch! don't like things that thud) I happen to think his would best serve as firewood! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hermione, it's a nice looking paddle for sure but I am uncertain of it's vanilla use. I thought perhaps some sort of measuring device since the holes are different size but for what?

Look forward to you putting us all out of our misery.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--I hate to be boring, but my first thought was the same as everyone else--a device for measuring out spaghetti portions.
Maybe we should call this the "Pasta Paddle"....

Dr. Ken

Em said...

I have a spaghetti measurer... actually two... but they are sadly plastic and not suitable for spanking.

I do actually enjoy using it to measure spaghetti though.