Sunday, January 11, 2009


The past few weeks have been hectic, and the weather certainly complicated matters. Often, spankings took a back seat to snow shoveling, which used up all our energy. By the time the weather had settled down--albeit briefly--I was very much overdue for some attention. Ron chose my favourite leather paddle and, while explaining and then demonstrating to me exactly why it was his favourite too, he
made up for the delay and then some. When he was finally finished, I had a smile on my face and a bottom that stayed red for several hours.

I was still feeling the afterglow when some friends arrived to spend the evening. Once coats and boots had been stored away and everyone was seated in the living room, I looked for a place to sit. Wouldn't you know it, the only vacant place was the piano bench. The hard, unpadded,
wooden bench. I perched on the edge and my cheeks winced in protest. After a few minutes of polite conversation I got up to get snacks from the kitchen, and managed to avoid sitting by being a very attentive hostess.

Dinner was no easier. The dining room chairs are also wooden, and unadorned with any sort of cushion. The meal took my mind off my predicament, and I found reasons to be up and about fairly often, clearing plates, refilling glasses, or whatever else I could think of doing.

Once the table had been cleared, I had to return to the bench for the rest of the evening. While on a brief trip outdoors to supervise the dogs on a biological break, I looked at the large snowbanks and thought how good the cold snow would feel on my stinging bottom. I was very tempted, but thought of the very obvious impression my posterior would leave in the snow and resisted the impulse.

So, note to self: no spanking allowed less than 24 hours before we have company look for a piano bench cushion in the January sales.


Anonymous said...

LOL Well done for resisting the snow! Can you imagine leaving a bottom print? You'd have to try and pass it off for a snow angel.

Anonymous said...

Ah the mixed blessing of the after effects! :)

Anonymous said...

Grins...sorry, can't help it with such lovely images. I can imagine trying to perch on the piano bench and moving a lot to try and find a comfortable spot that would forever allude you. The cold snow would have been nice.


Jay Walker said...

You play piano??? Me too, except I don't have a piano stool anymore. Mam threw it out when we moved. Aparently it didn't match the colors in the dining room so now I have to use one of the dining chairs and its too low. Hopefully I'll find a new one soon. So what kind of music do you play? I like classical and I have to play at church so I play hymns and stuff.
Hugs, Jay

Indy said...

What a delightful story, Hermione. Good luck with the shopping and Happy New Year!

K said...

Lovely story. I'm glad to see you have your priorities straight at the end there. It'll be much better to have a padded bench than have to miss out on a good paddling. :)

(Do you ever wonder if the word verification is really random? I got "branch", which makes me think of "switch".)

Hermione said...

Haron - A snow angel's bum?

Sara - I couldn't do without it, but there are disadvantages!

Mina - Odd that a certain gentleman didn't offer me his comfy chair.

Jay - I play classical music. Using a dining room chair must be a nightmare, unless you add firm cushions or books to make you higher.

Indy - Thanks. I ended up making a cushion that works pretty well.

K - I never want to miss out if I can help it.

Yes, the word verification is definitely onto our particular theme sometimes.


ronnie said...

Smiles :)you thinking of cooling your stinging bottom in the snow how delightful that would be after a spanking.

dwcmike said...

I think Ron should continue with the idea of a spanking before company. What a delightful way to keep you on your toes :-)
Hopefully he reads this, so discourages you purchasing a cushion for the bench.
Lastly, if it was deserted where you walked the dogs, you should have done the snow moon. You are only young once, and we get older everyday.
PS: the word I had to write was dalsit, real close to gal sit

Scunge said...

Now see this is precisely why I have trained myself to sit on hard wood. I actually find soft uncomfortable! Ah well I always was a bit on the quirky side. My word is rexhurgi what the heck is a rexhurgi? Actually it sounds like a sound my dog might make when she eats too fast! :)


Jean said...

Ouch! Yeah sitting on a piano bench would be painful. Making a cushion is a good idea. You could have al ways made snow angels in the snow to cool off.


Daisychain said...

Davey often MAKES me sit on a hard chair for a while after!
I bet Ron had one of those angelic smiles on his face when he watched you sitting..... LOL! xxxx

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I may try it yet.

Mike - It's too late! I already made a cushion and it looks quite nice.

Scunge - Or the act of getting rid of the food that she ate too fast!

Jean - Next time this happens, snow angels it is!

Daisychain - I don't know; I didn't dare look at him.


Greenwoman said...

Sounds like the dining chairs need something cushy too. *winks*