Saturday, January 17, 2009

In This Corner

Corner time has never been a part of our spanking play, but the other day I started wondering about it. If Ron suddenly told me to go stand in the corner, where would I go? The truth of the matter is, our house has no corners!
Before you ask, we don't live in a teepee, cave or igloo. Ours is a perfectly ordinary house with rectangular rooms. It's simply that none of the rooms have any empty corners. I checked.

The bedroom--where all spankings happen--has two nightstands occupying two of the corners, and a dresser in the third. The only actual vacant corner is formed by the door and the closet. If I were to stand there I would be squashed when the door opened.
Ron's study has its corners filled with bookcases and desks. I suppose I could stand by a bookcase and while away the time glancing through the books I always mean to read but don't have time to. Or over by the computer table there's a sort of corner, but I'd be able to pick up the mouse and check a blog or two.

My room? You couldn't swing a cat in there. Keep looking.

The kitchen is completely occupied with the usual kitchen furnishings and there isn't even an empty wall to get close to. There is a sort of corner at the counter where stove and sink meet. I would be able to empty the toaster crumb tray while there, and the cookie jar is conveniently within reach.

Living and dining rooms similarly have furniture located in all corners. Where else would you put these things? There is one very narrow corner that's sort of free, although I would have to duck under a hanging light and a birdcage and move a heavy objet d'art aside. Tight quarters, though. I don't think Fawkes would be at all pleased.

Now, the basement family room actually holds a possibility. There is one unoccupied corner beside a sliding door to the laundry area, so the squash factor is eliminated. And while I waited I could conveniently fold some laundry if I got bored. Can you tell I don't like to stand around doing nothing?

I don't know, though. If I were sent to that particular corner after a spanking, I would have to walk down two flights of stairs to reach it, and who knows what distractions I might meet along the way. There's a good chance I'd forget where I was going and why, and would have to go all the way back upstairs to figure it out. Then if Ron didn't remember either . . .

Somehow, I don't think corner time would work for us.


Tiggs said...

You ARE in a dilemma! Seriously, you shouldn't have to go so far from spanking to corner... for lots and lots of reasons, and that really would mess with your head-space.

What about directly inside your front door? That's where Dante has made me stand in the past, there and inside our closet (we have a walk-in)... or, how about just a stretch of plain wall. Not a corner but it still serves the same purpose!

Just trying to think of some alternatives cause corner time is a definite must try, even if it doesn't end up being used frequently!


Anonymous said...


excuses, excuses. Don't give up so easily, its hugely therapeutic, before and/or after.

Anyway being "in the corner" is a euphemism for a state of mind as much as anything. So standing facing a wall, any bit of wall, will do the same thing. Sometimes I get sent to stand facing the wall in the corridor outside my study to wait for K, no corners there.

Little challenge Ron might like to set - find somewhere suitable to do "cornertime" before your next spanking, or do it aferwards, outside in the garden facing a tree.

Now don't ell me you dont have trees!


Jean said...

lol, love the post and yep I don't like to stand around doing nothing either.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes spankos need to make accommodations to the lifestyle. Rearranging the entire house doesn't seem to much to ask!

(we don't 'do' corners either!)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Loved this. We seldome do corner time either, although I do remember a couple of times being in serious trouble and expected to be in the corner when he walked through the door.

Love your blog, sorry it took me so long to check it out. I promise I will update my links soon.

Janeen :)

PK said...

Hey Hermione,
I have thought about the same thing in our house, very full and few free cornerss. We have never done corner time either. But should the thought ever cross Nick's mind I have be eying the closet door at the end of the hall right out side our bedroom door. I guess that could work if we needed it to.


Lil Sam said...

Hi Hermione
Love your blog,I am not very good at doing nothing either,
Lil Sam

Hermione said...

Tiggs - Yes, we do have doors and walls.

Recidavist - And we do have trees, too! Standing in the garden would be most pleasant, except at -30 below.

Jean - Thank you.

Sara - No, not too much at all!

Janeen - Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by, and very pleased you are back to blogging.

PK - Let me know how it turns out.

lil sam - It's boring, isn't it?


Michael said...

Hi Hermione,

I have used corner time in past relationships and have just started using it with Amanda. Like Recidavist and Tiggs said it is a state of mind and can be therapeutic so any stretch of plain wall will suffice.

As always, Hermione, a very thougthful and witty post. Keep up the great work. :)


Anonymous said...

Good point, I do have free corners in my house but I agree it doesn't have to be a corner to get the same outcome. Now if Ron knows how much you don't like standing still then 'cornertime' could be a very real pain in the..ermm bum, as it were.

The forgetting part not so good though as you wouldn't want Ron to send you there and then forget about it, you could be wall watching for days!


Daisychain said...

My house is as full as yours, Hermione! But, even though there are distractions, surely thats the whole have to resist all but the thought of the reason for being there? If I am told to do something, I have to DO it, or else!!! Hugs, xxxxx

Hermione said...

Michael - Thanks. I'll try to remember it's a state, not a place.

Mina - Imagine being abandoned in a corner. Or at a tree.

Daisychain - I pretty much do what I'm told, too.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Hermione, I thought I was the only one with "corner trouble" I'm glad I'm not alone. Maybe we can form a foundation? I have this tiny tiny corner in between two rooms but my body is actually on the doorway of both rooms!I haven't been in the corner yet, but with my Husband and the way he is moving never know.
Hysterical post. I really love your blog.
Take care
Andrades Girl

Hermione said...

Andrades Girl - Thank you. As I said, we don't do corner time,probably never will, and I'm glad of that, but it's fun to speculate.


Mr.C. said...

You have obviously hit on a fool proof business idea. The manufacture of foldable false corners for use in lighthouses, oast houses and anywhere short of space. A worldwide market in fact. Wealth awaits, shabash!

Hermione said...

Mr. C. - That's so funny! I love it!

Anonymous said...
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dwcmike said...

Hi Hermione: you should delete the spanking ... comment just above this one. If you go to it, it is really bad, and not in keeping with your blog. I had the exact same spam on my blog.
Then, put two chairs beside each other to make a right angle between them, and stand in that self created corner.

Hermione said...

Mike - Thanks for the warning. Many blogs got that same spam.

Chairs? No room for those either, I'm afraid!


Wednesday said...

I use walls more often than corners for this same reason. Try to find a spare corner in a dungeon for your exhibitionist partner...

Folding chairs. Gotta love folding chairs. ;-)

Em said...

Some of my previous partners were very into corner time, although I have a hard time getting anything from it.

I know that when used as discipline it is supposed to be a time to reflect on what you've done to earn the punishment but personally I've discovered that if used after a spanking I've already moved on and can pretty much stand there with a completely blank mind. If used before I'm more likely to be worrying about the upcoming spanking than reflecting on my behavior.

I had one partner whose preferred method of dispensing corner time was to have me kneel or stand facing a wall and hold a quarter to the wall with my nose. Ick! Do not try this at home folks :)

When we first started seeing each other Jack gave corner time a try. Like you I had pretty much all my corners filled so I had to stand in the front entrance way to my condo, between the front door and the wall. He seems to get just as bored with the whole exercise as I do so we've since dispensed with the whole thing. Now we just cuddle or uhmm... other things ;)