Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Pasta Paddle

Here's the other side of that wicked wooden pasta paddle. (Thank you, Dr. Ken, for providing the perfect name.) As you can see (and click on the image to enlarge it if you can't) the other purpose of the holey horror is to measure uncooked spaghetti. That's why I chose this one. The other one didn't have the measurements printed on it.

Most of you came up with the correct answer. There are a lot of pasta lovers out there! Some of the other guesses were pretty creative:

  • candle holder
  • tool used to make butter or cheese
  • bottom paddler
  • male member measurer (!)
  • wall decoration

Because I've always been a mouse lover, I want to share Mr. C's response with you.

This is a very close copy of the one found at Quidenham Monastery in Norfolk.
That one was fancier and gilded, but this looks a nice plain example.
This is indeed a pet mouse sizer. If the mouse can pass through the smallest hole then the naughty monk has been underfeeding his furry pet. On the other hand if the mouse cannot pass through the largest hole, it is mousy diet time. The other holes are simply to keep an eye on mouse girth gain, or MGG as it is known.
Ahhh, the joys of monastic mouse keeping.
This implement will be so useful in our kitchen. I usually grab a handful of spaghetti, think it doesn't look like enough, then toss in more. And more. Ron does the same when he cooks. We always end up with leftovers.

Maybe we could start a new ritual for pasta night. I measure the spaghetti and put it in the pot. Then Ron spanks me with the wooden measurer until I think the spaghetti is done. He tosses a strand against the wall, and if it sticks, we eat. If it doesn't, I get paddled for an extra minute or two.

But what if we get carried away and the pasta ends up overcooked?

From Hermione's Heart


Daisychain said...

Gosh, I would swear I can only eat pasta raw if that were the rule..... that looks wicked! xxx

Measha said...

I've always wanted something to help measure the pasta! And a new paddle to boot! What a great idea! LOL

Indy said...

I'm with Dr. Ken about the name. That thing *is* wicked. Not my personal favorite, I'm afraid...

K said...

Huh. Looks like my guess didn't show up in your other comments. I figured it would be for measuring spaghetti and not what I suggested. I'm just surprised there were others that guessed it was a "male member measurer". :)

Tiggs said...

Excuse me, but I'm still ROFL about the monk's mice. That is the greatest furry friends tale I've heard in quite some time!

And yes, I think your new approach to cooking might just be the purrfect solution. Just don't leave the kitchen to do the spanking, and set the timer! Those things are loud and annoying enough to interrupt ANYTHING!


ronnie said...

I'd never seen one of these for measuring pasta but will certainly keep a look out for one.
Love your idea for pasta night.

Anonymous said...

I missed your first post, but would have been able to identify it. Sparkle's dad found one of these at a yard sale a few years ago (right around when we got married) and ended up making a dozen or so of them as Christmas gifts.

Yes, imagine Sparkle's face when she unwrapped a paddle for Christmas...from her father.

We like to leave ours hanging in the kitchen, since it's a fairly innocent thing on the surface, yet brings chuckles when spankos come to visit.

Jean said...

I misssed the first post about. I like your idea.

dwcmike said...

MAybe it might not be a good idea to visit Italy, if Lynn were to go shopping there!

grace said...

Hey K....great minds think a like...LOL

Well, I figured mine wasn't the true use, but I certainly thought mine was the BEST use.

Thanks for the informative info on pasta measuring.


Word veri....awforki?

Hermione said...

Daisychain - That sounds like a good idea.

Measha - A two for one deal!

Indy - It looks wicked. We haven't tried it yet.

K - That happens sometimes and I find it very frustrating when my comments disappear into the ethernet. But I'm glad your guess was still in the list.

Tiggs - It was a scream, all right. And good point about not leaving the kitchen.

Ronnie - We already had one, made of plastic and quite tiny. I'd never seen one this big before.

Chris - That must have been quite a "startle" moment! LOL. You're right, it looks great hanging in the kitchen. No one would ever guess, except other spankos.

Jean - Thank you.

Mike - No, definitely a place to stay away from, as well as England and Scotland.

Grace - You and K obviously live in a warm climate.


Dr. Ken said...

Hermione--If you and Ron get carried away while using that paddle, the pasta won't be the only thing that gets

Dr. Ken

Hermione said...

I'd be as well-roasted as the red peppers in the sauce!