Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bells are Ringing

You've all been very creative in your suggestions concerning this leather implement . . . er, decoration. Here are the guesses.

Jflame - I wonder if you were made to dress up like a cat with a pretty bell collar?
Or maybe it should hang on the wall next to your bed?
Maybe you should pin it on Ron so you can hear him if he tries to sneak up to give you an advent spank.
Hey that's good! Who wants a ordinary advent calender when you could make a Spanking advent calender?
Behind each door is 1. Number of spanks. 2. Implement. 3. Position.
Lets see how many people use my idea.
Hermione plleeeaseeee whats the answer? I'm begging now!!!!!
Jay, the Advent calendar is too funny. You really must explore that one on your blog. As for the other guesses, no I haven't worn it, and it would look fine on the wall, but it isn't there.

Andrades - I was thinking along the same lines as Jflame, but not quite as creatively though. I was thinking of it as a Christmas Collar, and then when you remove the collar it can be used as a Christmas Spanker, sort of a 2 for one deal. Can't wait to hear the answer, hope you have pictures!
I'll have to try it on and see how it looks. 

Paul - Hermione, suggest that it's something like belling the cat. Success is rewarded by the belt being used on you.
Paul, that's my favourite kind of reward, but I don't think the cat would be pleased.

Greenwoman - Pin the tail on the spanko?
That's terrific! I'd love to play that game.

Pest - Hermione, this would be more noise being used than it would actually sting. LOL! I would say place it half on the wall then half on the bedpost! That way it will have more than one use for it. I really don't think you would like my answer on this blog what I think Ron did with the bells! Hehehehe!
The noise would be considerable, and I like noise during a spanking. I can't imagine what your other suggestion is!

Prefectdt - He didn't actually put them on a sleigh did he?
No, but it is on something that moves.
K - Hmmm, do you hang it in front of the fireplace so you can hear Santa if he comes early? So that he won't catch you being naughty? :)
That's a good idea. It would warm up nicely too. Maybe we should try that.

Maryann - Hang it on the bird feeder to scare the squirrels away... like a scarecrow for squirrels?
Dr. Ken - Hang it on a bird feeder to scare the squirrels away.
Great minds think alike, but our squirrels are pretty fearless.

Lynne - I know this is terribly vanilla and boring but.. we have a similar set of bells and we put it on one of the exterior doors to merrily greet visitors during the holidays. Ours is rather stiff and unbending due to being stored in the hot attic for years. It would not make a very good pervertible but we are open to suggestions :)
You're close! And if you want to soften yours, use Neatsfoot Oil, followed by saddle soap.

G - I think it's to hang on the doorknob, but my evil mind has another use in mind!
That's where it hangs, but it's used for good, not for evil.

Girl - Yes, for vanilla purposes I'd say it was for doorknobs. We have larger bells at my parent's.

You guessed it. It has a very vanilla purpose. It hangs on the doorknob of the back door, and the dogs whack it to tell us when they need to go out. At least, that's the theory!

Thanks, everybody, for guessing.


Jay Walker said...

OMG that is sooooo vanilla.
Hermione, considering that you and Ron are supposed magical peeps (he he) you would think that the bell thingy would have a better pride of place than the back door!!!!

Hang said thingy in Ron's ear when he's asleep! ( thats what I would do if I were close enough to my Dom)

Hugs Jay

PS I'm working on the advent.

Cowgirl said...

The advent idea is pretty good! I may have to suggest it to Chase... I'm pretty sure he'd participate :)

ronnie said...

Sorry I missed this one Hermione, I loved all the guesses. Thanks.


Doc said...

Yay I sorta win! Fun game.