Friday, December 19, 2008

Spanko Shopping Again

I was browsing for Christmas gifts last week, when I found myself in a store with some very interesting and unusual items. Not only was I able to pick up some presents for the people on my list, but my imagination ran wild when I saw these attractive spanking implements. I think the other shoppers were too busy to notice my blushes.

Shoehorns are always useful. This one seems to enjoy his work.

These cute flyswatters are so decorative! Very rigid, too. I pity the poor fly that gets in the way of one of these.

A heart for Hermione. How appropriate! I can't see using this for cooking or baking. Can you?

These would all make wonderful gifts that keep on giving, for the spanko in your life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione
What GREAT finds: a fly swatter, thats what I call Hiding In Plain Sight, to the 10th degree!!! And the heart shaped spoon what could be better. How do you find these, I just love what you post. 2 great pervertables? I will definately have to show this to my husband, he will love it.
Have a great day
Andrades Girl

Anonymous said...

It's just me again...wasn't pay close attention, how did I miss the shoe horn, its adorable!

ronnie said...

Hi Hernione, its amazing what you can find, my favourite must be the fly swat, only because I have knowledge on what that feels like on the bottom.

I do love the shoe horn though, its looks cute.

The heart is a good one for you.

Love your posts.


Brooke D said...

I hope you bought the heart spoon!

Jay Walker said...

Wooden spoons are for one thing and one thing only...COOKING. When they get used for other things they are EVIL!!! EVIL I tell's ya.
Burn the spoons, burn the spoons, burn the spoons etc....
Sorry, went off track there.
Hugs, Jay

dwcmike said...

I agree that wooden spoons can be deadly.... thanks for the shopping ideas.
Season's beatings to you

Greenwoman said...

Oooh! I like that heart paddle. Very pretty! Happy HOliday!

Anonymous said...

I love the heart shaped spoon, it matches my heart shaped paddle!


Anonymous said...

love the heart shape spoon, but it could hang on the wall, lol.