Monday, December 29, 2008

One Hand Clapping

I like noisy spankings, but I think using this might really disturb the neighbours.


Lady Koregan said...


Now it just so happens we have had a few of these come into the store lately.

I'm afraid they are rather small and rather flimsy. Nice idea, though.

Ms. Betty

Greenwoman said...

My husband bought me one of these recently. Its a sweet little gift. *smiles*

ronnie said...

Lovely idea Hermione, we found one when we were on holiday but didn't use it.
I can imagine it would be noisy as it slaps again a bare bottom.

Thank you.

Jay Walker said...

What is it?
A real spanko implement?
A pervertable?
Hugs, Jay

The Headmaster said...

Why not invite them in, then? (The neighbours, that is?)

Anonymous said...

lol, yes those look really noisy

dwcmike said...

Hopefully the noisy spankings are a result of the sound of the implement, and combined with your appreciative verbal reactions. Both can be sweet music.
Happy New Year

Hermione said...

Ms. Betty - The ones I have seen are quite large, but flimsy to be sure.

Greenwoman - What a kind man.

Ronnie - They seem to be available everywhere.

Jay - I think it's meant to be a noisemaker. But it does qualify as a pervertible.

Headmaster - Um, I don't think they would appreciate that.

Jean - That's what they're for.

Mike - Yes, our house does become filled with that kind of music from time to time.

Happy New Year to all,

Tiggs said...

Maybe you could pass these out at the next neighborhood community meeting? Then everyone could join in the fun, plus no one would be able to hear anyone else having a spanking good time! LOL! Looks rather wicked, though... is it plastic?


Hermione said...

Tiggs - Yes, it's plastic. I saw a few in use at the New Year's celebrations on TV.

Daisychain said...

I have one of those, bought in a cheap store, its a joke though, came with a feather duster, labelled, the slap and tickler! But it is made of that hard foam stuff, and wouldnt swat a fly! Happy New Year!
Hugs, xxxxxxxx