Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birch Season

While driving home the other day, something in the back seat of the car ahead of me caught my eye. Something long and spiky. Lots of them. Could it be? Yes! Birch branches standing upright on both sides of the car.

A man wearing a cap was driving; he was also listening and nodding as his female companion spoke. I imagined that they had been for a walk in the woods to cut fresh birch twigs, and were now on their way home to tie them into bundles, soak them, and eventually try them out.

The question in my mind -- and perhaps the reason for their animated conversation -- was who would be on the receiving end?

From Hermione's Heart


dwcmike said...

Everyone has their own wish when reading this story, but possibly only until the spanking begins. I have not read how you prepare birch, any ideas. Are they sanded smooth? I hope some readers will explain clearly outside of saying cut and use.

Hermione said...

MIke - You soak the twigs in water, or salt water. No sanding needed!

Mike aka_ireland said...

Ha, great question. Were there enough for 2 bundles?

Walking past a house I passed on the way to the train everyday, I noticed a cane in the trash. Crooked end, whippy, and spit from the end about 1/3 of the way down.

I saw the man and woman that lived there occasionally, but couldn't figure you who broke it.


Hermione said...

Mike - Yes, as a matter of fact there were two bundles.

Fun to imagine that couple breaking a cane. You'll have to stroll past more often.


Master Retep said...

Nicely told, the most exciting bits are in the eye of the beholder.

Hermione said...

Master Retep - Welcome and thank you for the kind words.