Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Headmaster's Song

I heard a wonderful startle as I was driving to work. CBC Radio 1 plays an eclectic variety of music, and a song I'd never heard before caught my attention when I heard the line "I'd feel undressed without my cane". I thought it was just a fluke until I heard "...can't be outdoors without my cane".

Then I started paying very close attention to the words, and realized it was a spanko song. Luckily the program host told her listeners the name of the song: My Walking Stick, written by Irving Berlin in 1938. The performer was Jim Byrnes - an appropriate name, is it not?

Here are the pertinent lyrics for your enjoyment.

But my walking stick
You simply must let that be
I mean you can't take that away from me.

Without my walking stick, I'd go insane.
Can't look my best, I'd feel undressed without my cane.

Must have my walking stick 'cause it may rain
And when it pours, can't be outdoors without my cane.

If I ever left my house without my walking stick
It would just be something I could never explain.

The thing that makes me click on Lovers' Lane
Would go for naught if I were caught without my cane.

As for the Lovers' Lane reference, I can imagine a headmaster singing this while off duty. Surely his significant other would be a lady who also enjoys the delights of the rod. The wooden disciplinary type of rod, I mean.

From Hermione's Heart


Meow said...

I remember an old movie where Henry Fonda threatens Bette Davis with his walking stick. He didn't follow through, but I had a new respect for walking sticks after seeing that! Meow

Hermione said...

Meow - We have two by the front door that I have to look at each time I go out (shudder).


Penfold said...

hi Hermione.
cool song, will have to check it out I think... Didnt think the radio stations would be able to play uch songs, lol.

Bear has 2 canes he likes to use, both for play and DD. they live in the cubbord, and every time I go in there, I also shudder lol.

take care
Bear and Penfold xx

ronnie said...

Oh Hermione I will have to try and find that song would love to hear it.

We had one by the back door until last week when I moved it, P hasn't noticed yet, let's hope he doesn't :)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Meow said...

Wow! I can't believe I forgot! Lash used to use one of two canes for walking. I guess I never thought of them as anything but support for a guy with two bad knees. They were both very thick and knobby so I'd hate to have one used on me! Memory is funny! Meow

Anonymous said...

Great post! D and I have not yet really explored the cane in much depth, but we've started talking about it from time to time.

I fully identify with the person singing this song. It rocks!

And you have a great ear (and eye) for all things spanko. Thanks for the post!

dwcmike said...

Great find... always nice to give the day a little extra to speak...Remember the rule of thumb... you cannot strike a lady(or a man) with a stick thicker than the circumference of your thumb....

Hermione said...

Penfold - This station isn't exactly all rock, all the time :-)

Ronnie - I think it's on youtube but not with the original artist.

Meow - That's what Ron uses them for too; he carries one to scare off loose aggressive dogs when he goes for a walk. He wouldn't want to use something that heavy on me.

G - Thanks. We'll have to explore too, someday.

Mike - A thumb's thickness would be more than enough, thank you very much!


The Headmaster said...

Indeed, I often hum similar lyrics when on a country stroll...

Master Retep said...

"to scare off loose aggressive dogs" - shouldn't that be "aggressive bitches".

Hermione said...

Headmaster - there was never any doubt in my mind about that!

Master R - When they're coming toward him, barking and snarling, he doesn't check between their legs!