Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mind Your Behind

This post is about bottoms, although it isn't about spanking or submission. Are you taking good care of yours?

According to Colon Cancer Canada, colon cancer is 90% preventable. But last year, over 21,000 new cases were diagnosed in Canada. That's sad, because there's a quick and easy test that's available from your doctor.

It's as simple as a home pregnancy test, and is done in the privacy of your own home. I won't go into any more detail here. (Google FOBT if you're curious.) When you've followed the instructions and completed the test, you seal it in an envelope and drop it in the mail or take it to a nearby lab for processing.

The test is available in many countries, so ask your doctor about it, especially if you are over 50 or have a family history of colon cancer. Ron and I take the test every two years.

The serious part of this post is now over, because the topic lends itself to a number of extremely clever slogans that for us spankos, are particularly interesting. "Be Kind to your Behind" is Colon Cancer Canada's slogan and I think it's a good one (in more ways than one).

The Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative Foundation says "The bottom line is... if you have a bum, you should be screened for CRC. ... and put your bottom at the top of your priority list." Click here to go to their site, and you'll see a picture of a bare bottom with a scrolling list of all the different names for it in various languages.

There are also a few brief but powerful video clips:

Blushing Bottom



Eye-catching and attention-getting. And that's the whole point.

From Hermione's Heart


Constance said...

Dear Hermione,

Fear and shame should probably top the lists of 'causes of preventable deaths'. People are simply less likely to see a doctor if the symptoms of disease are taking place anywhere near the 'taboo' parts of our bodies. So well done on reminding people, and for taking care of yourselves.


Scunge said...

Be kind to your behind is also the Cottonelle Ultra (bathroom tissue) slogan wonder who came up with it first!? Good reminder Hermione! Of course I also love the pictures.


The Headmaster said...

Well I never!

Caroline Grey said...

The "silent and deadly" thing is killing me. I know cancer is not funny but I just want to hug the person who designed that ad.

Also I can think of several different uses for the "let's talk about my butt" coupon.

Thanks very much for the PSA!

ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing Hermione. It's a good reminder to all of us.

Here in the UK a Bowel Screening Programme has already started in some areas


mitch said...

Great post, Hermione, and one we should all pay attention to. If you want to play with it, you have to "keep it in shape." Here in the US, the National Cancer Institute ( at the National Institutes of Heath ( has a plethora of information on this and other forms of cancer.

Hermione said...

Constance - That's the sad reality, and very difficult to change.

Scunge - I thought that slogan sounded familiar.

Headmaster - Then you ought to!

Caroline - There are so many delightful ways we spankos can interpret these slogans and pictures.

Ronnie - That's very good news.

Mitch - Thank you for getting on the bandwagon with me by supporting this effort on your blog. I agree, there's lots of info out there, and many creative ways to help get the message out.


dwcmike said...

colonoscopy every five years for anyone over fifty is an excellent idea, and both Lynn and I are following this. It is however, now being thought that many people much younger should also be having this procedure. I will borrow parts of your posting for my blog, and include a link to Bowser and Blue's colorectal surgeon song.

Hermione said...

Thanks, Mike. I can't wait to hear the song!