Wednesday, May 13, 2009


When Bonnie asked about mainstream movies with spanking scenes at a recent brunch, I realized that I had never told you about If. Released in 1968, it is the story of a group of teenage misfits at an English public school. As one reviewer said, it begins to resemble Lord of the Flies as the plot progresses. As a matter of interest, I read several summaries on the internet, and the caning scene was either ignored or only briefly mentioned.

Although I watched the movie on television fairly recently, I first saw it many years ago. A friend warned me that it was not the sort of movie you'd go to see with your boyfriend. But I didn't have a boyfriend, so that was all right, and a story about a boys' school was bound to have some corporal punishment in it, so off I went. I wasn't disappointed.

Here's the long and (I assume) realistic caning scene from that movie.

From Hermione's Heart


Mr.C. said...

Funny you should feature this, I left a comment a little while ago somewhere regarding this scene. This is very much how we were caned at school, although they could not give you more than six strokes per day. They could however give you six strokes per day for as many days as they felt like.

We certainly had to be propped up or the force of the blow would have driven you off of your feet. The kudos for us was of course in not flinching or appearing to be inconvenienced by the experience, mind you that tended to bring on greater excesses, so I don't suppose it was wise.

PK said...

I'm glad you posted this. I have never had any interest in the cane at all. This scene didn't appeal to me as a spanko at all. Maybe it was the lack of emotion, male on male, and it just seemed like hitting (abuse) more than anything I have ever had in my fantasies.

But it was interesting.


ronnie said...

Hermione, I had heard of this film but had never seen it.

This is exactly what went on in boys public schools, very harsh treatment. Mr. C is correct from what I heard they had to show no emotion as you will see from this clip of the boy who got canned the most.

Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Hermione said...

It is pretty extreme, isn't it? The boys DO get their revenge later.


Caroline Grey said...

Jumping Jehoshaphat, that was incredible. Those run-ups are brutal.

I have never had a caning that hard, but in my head at least I have very much been that last boy!!!