Friday, May 29, 2009


Ron came into the kitchen from outside and took off the jacket that we share. It hangs by the back door and we both use it for quick trips to the back yard or garden when the weather is chilly.

"I found this elastic in the pocket. Did you forget it?" Ron knows I fill the pockets of any item of clothing with assorted clutter, and he wanted to stop it from happening to something he had to wear.

"I don't remember. Just put it in the cupboard." I turned away, and as I did, I felt a dull thud as Ron snapped the thick blue rubber band against my bottom. Ooh! Was it playtime?

"I didn't feel that. Try it again." He did. Still nothing.

"Wait a minute." I hooked my thumbs over the waistbands of my stretch pants and panties and pulled them both down far enough to expose my bottom. "Now try it."

Snap. I felt a small sting on my right cheek. "Ow." Then another sting on the left side. "That wasn't so bad."

But I spoke too soon. I didn't expect a delayed reaction. Five seconds later both cheeks were burning sharply. Ow! Ow! Ow! I rubbed them vigorously and looked over my shoulder to make sure the rubber band was on its way to the container that held its companions. It was. Ron had made his point.

Once the smarting had subsided, I considered the possibilities. That might be a good substitute for spanking if noise was an issue. It certainly was silent but deadly.

From Hermione's Heart


Julie said...

Seems I certainly have something to look forward to when my Master finally gets his hands on me. He's promised me to "spank" me with a rubber band around my hips..

Brambleberry Blush said...

Ha--that's funny. I actually never thought of this and I hope Ben never does! It seems that it would be a very dramatic sting.



Well that's a cheap and easily available pervertable that I never thought of before. Ooh! I can feel the brain cogs starting to grind :)


Hermione said...

Miss Jules - Brace yourself!

Carly - Yes, it does sting, and I never thought of it before either.

Prefectdt - Be sure and let us know how you like (or hate) it.


Penfold said...

Hi Hermione.

better not let Bear onto this little bit of info lol, He likes the siclent but deadly type of toys...
Have a good weeknd


Bear and Penfold

Hermione said...

Penfold - I won't tell if you won't! Hope you both have a super weekend.

dwcmike said...

Certainly would make you snap to it, if you were in a daydream...

Hermione said...

Mike - Now THAT'S an understatement.