Saturday, February 23, 2013

Complete the Caption

These charming maidens are taking the air and enjoying the view of the river below. What do you think they are discussing?

Complete the caption by filling in each of the three bubbles, or if you prefer, create any sort of caption that explains the picture, and leave it as a comment. I will publish your captions in the next post.

From Hermione's Heart


Aimless Rambling said...

Do you see that man loading that boat?

Look at those arms, I'd love to have them around me.

Are you kidding me, I want every part of him around me.

vfrat25000 said...

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): Isn’t this a beautiful day for a boat trip?
Second Lady: I wonder if I left the iron on.
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): Silly girl...Its 1885, electric irons haven’t been invented yet.
Second Lady: Oh silly me…You’re right!
Man: I shouldn’t have that barbequed turkey leg for lunch; I think I’m sea-sick

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): I have to stand up this whole cruise. My gracious, my bottom hurts. All I said was “It would be nice for women to vote!”
Second Lady: I got just got the spanking of my life a little while ago so I know why I am standing up the whole time. I wonder why she doesn’t sit down.
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): I bet that gentleman knows why I am not sitting down. This is SO embarrassing.
Man: (Thinking): I wonder what color bloomers these ladies are wearing?

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): He said he had a private yacht
Second Lady: Private yacht my ass. If this is a yacht I’m King Henry the VIII in drag
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): I agree. If he isn’t really the President of Standard Oil I’m going to thrown his sorry butt into the ocean
Man: I wonder how much longer before the Captain catches us stowed away down here. I had better move quickly if I am going to talk these lovely ladies into lying over my knee.
Captain One Deck Above: Why do I hear women’s voices?

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): (Thinking to herself) Oops, I passed gas
Second Lady: (Thinking to herself) Oh my…I accidently broke wind
Man: Excuse me ladies!
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): It was her! She broke wind! It’s her fault!
Lady without a Hat: Oh yeah…Like you are SO innocent. I smelled your fart too. It was her fault as well!
Man: I’m sorry; I was just going to ask if you ladies were from New Orleans! I think I’ll go to the lounge now.

vfrat25000 said...

Left Off One

Lady w/ Hat (Bottom Caption): You bitch!
Second Lady: Bite me you cow!
Lady w/ Hat (Top Caption): One more word from you sister and I am going to rip that fake Pennington dress off your fat hips

Unknown said...

I really think i am blind... I only see 2 ladies and a man...

Michael said...

Chairs with no cushions. Three ladies standing. You do the math.

Lady Cecelia (with no hat) - "I can't believe Lord Randolph, my own husband, took the cane to not only me but my two dearest friends in the world. All because we attended the Women's Suffragette rally."

Madame Yvette (dark hat) - "And now we must cross zee channel so my husband, Count Monteblanc, can have his turn swishing the cane. Sacre bleu!"

Jennie McGrath (white hat) - "Unbelievable! I visit from America and voice my opinion about women having the right to vote and now I am going to be caned in two different countries not to mention back home when daddy hears what happened abroad. And these stupid puffy bustles don't even provide enough padding so we can sit down." *stamps foot*

sixofthebest said...

The first lady says upon throwing a cent into the river. "I wish to marry a handsome Prince. Second lady says, upon throwing a dime. "I wish to marry a millionaire". Third lady says, after throwing a quarter. "I wish for a good spanking on my bare bottom, from 'Six of the Best'.

Unknown said...

I think the couple in the back (who *I* think look like a man and a woman) are having a conversation like:

Woman - Oh look, there is that dreadful Lady Bomgardner again, I detest that bitch.

Man - Hildie! I though the very reason we were standing here instead of enjoying the lounge chairs is because of the stripes on your backside over using that very word last night?!

Woman - IM SORRY! Please please pleeease forgive me!!

While the woman with the fan is trying VERY hard to appear busy and not listening while she is getting more and more aroused.


Top speech bubble - Does my bum look big in this bustle?

Middle speech bubble - Of course it does, it's supposed to.

bottom speech bubble - I don't like the look of that pervert with the sketch book, over on our right, he might make a painting of this!!!


Anonymous said...

Woman #1
Sigh....Not a man in sight.....Thank God I packed my Hitachi Magic Wand....

Woman # 2
You know it is electric right? There is no power on board this thing.

Woman # 1 again
Oh crap.

ricky said...

He's looking at me (blush).
Oh, shut up!

WendelJones said...

Lady #1: If you postulate the relativity of the 3rd dimensional vortex you see that space can indeed be folded.

Lady #2: The fold can only be obtained by generating 1.987 jewels per liter from vastly splitting neutrons.

Lady #1: But then there would be a lack of coefficient ions to stabilize the sub atomic matter.

Man : Should I have fries or wedges with my burger.

Bonnie said...

"You'll have to excuse me. My bustle is exceedingly uncomfortable this morning."